Family Spanish Program In Playa del Carmen Mexico

    Family Spanish Program In Playa del Carmen, Mexico

    Spanish Abroad, Inc. is proud to offer the top Family Spanish Program in Mexico. This particular program is geared towards families of 2 or more students. Children must be at least 6 years and older to participate in Spanish Classes. Families can start courses on any Monday as long as it is not on a holiday.

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    Playa del Carmen, Mexico is a lovely, picturesque Mayan fishing village located in the center of Mexico’s Cancun-Tulum corridor in the state of Quintana Roo. “Playa” as locals call it is located in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean coast along the Mayan Riviera.

    This small city is approximately 40 minutes from the international airport in Cancun, and only 40 minutes by ferry to Cozumel. The host families in Playa del Carmen have played a major part in providing a quality family program by providing a comfortable welcoming home. They also provide a great means for helping family members practice their Spanish and learn about Mexican Culture and food. We also can arrange hotel or private apartment options for those families that want a more independent living arrangement.

    Playa del Carmen is known throughout the world for its numerous attractions which include: snorkeling, diving, wind surfing, fishing, golf, and horseback riding. The beaches themselves are spectacular. Nowhere else will you find beaches so white, and sand so soft. For snorkeling and diving, your family has come to the right place. The water is crystal clear, and the area is home to numerous reefs, all of which are teeming with an abundance of life.

    For those interested in the Maya Civilization, there is no better place for your family to be. Within just a few hours of Playa del Carmen are the impressive ruins of Chichen Itza, Coba, and of course Tulum. There are numerous tours plus excellent bus services from Playa del Carmen. Playa Del Carmen is a great option for families that want both a beach location and a jumping point to nearby cultural hubs of the Yucatan.

    +Family Spanish Program Course Options
    Adult Course Options
    • Available Year Round
    • 16 yrs of age and up
    • Start ANY Monday
    • Group classes (max 5 students per class)
    • 4 classes per day (more classes can be arranged for an extra fee)
    • Cultural activities
    Children's Spanish Program
    • Available year round
    • Ages 6+

    We are offering private instruction for children. If you are bringing more than one child then they may share an instructor at discounted rates. We provide classes for children from the age of 6 to 15 years old. Classes may be arranged in the afternoon during times of high enrollment.   We will arrange the parent’s courses to take place at the same time.

    The student will have 4 lessons of instruction each day. The instructors focus the class more towards the learning style and subjects of interest for children. Teens that are 16 and over will be placed in adult classes.

    Host Family Option

    The Mexican host family option provides the true immersion experience for the family Spanish program. The host families are patient and extend themselves to help our students learn Spanish. Students staying with a host family, are totally immersed in the Mexican culture and have the opportunity to practice Spanish daily. The family provides breakfast and lunch or dinner. Laundry service is available at an additional cost. All accommodations are arranged as private room unless shared rooms are requested.

    Students are always a welcome guest in a home stay and have a wonderful opportunity to practice the language, learn about Mexican culture and, in turn, share their culture with the family. Most host families are located within 20 minutes walking of the Spanish language school in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Some provide their students with bicycles, so they can get around the city and to and from the school easily and quickly. Students can also rent bikes in at the Spanish language school in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for $1 USD per day. If your family is further than 20 minutes walking distance, we can discuss alternative options to walking. If your registration is received with ample notice then you will not have a problem with receiving a family within walking distance.

    Studio Option

    The student apartment is located just down the street from the Spanish school.

    Our Studio Apartments are located in a 4 star hotel on only 5 minutes walking from the school and the beach. For students who are looking for more comfort, this is the perfect choice. You can choose from single or double room accommodation. All studios are equipped with private bathroom, a kitchenette, safe, cable TV, telephone and air-conditioning and there is Wi- Fi available in the hotel free of charge.

    +Arrival Information

    The Family Spanish Program starts in Cancun, Mexico. Your family will be expected to arrive on a Sunday into Cancun. We will arrange an airport pickup. The cost for the pickup is $50 for the first family member and $45 for each additional family member.


    Program costs are based on discounted family rates for course and accommodation cost. Airfare to Cancun is not included in the package as pricing may vary depending on your point of departure.

    Adult Pricing: 
    One Week Family Spanish Program With Host Family/ 2 meals per day
    $465 per Family Member

    One Week Family Spanish Program With Studio
    $420 per Family Member

    Two Week Family Spanish Program With Host Family/ 2 meals per day
    $910 per Family Member

    Two Week Family Spanish Program With Studio
    $820per Family Member

    Three Week Family Spanish Program With Host Family/ 2 meals per day
    $1,335 per Family Member

    Three  Week Family Spanish Program With Studio 
    $1,225 per Family Member

    Four Week Family Spanish Program With Host Family/ 2 meals per day
    $1,795 per Family Member

    Four Week Family Spanish Program With Studio 
    $1,615 per Family Member

    Children’s Pricing:

    Courses: Includes 4 lessons per day
    1st Child: $445 per week  
    2nd Child: 
    $260 per week (sharing instruction with 1st child, otherwise same price as 1st.
    3rd -5th Child: $125 (sharing instruction with 1st  and 2nd child, otherwise same price as 1st.

    Host family: Includes 2 meals per day
    $230 per week, per child

    Studio: (Shared Room)
    $170 per week, per child