Learn Spanish In Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Location: North East of Spain (Catalunya)

Barcelona, a world-class city, bustling with the daily activities of millions of inhabitants. Barcelona is a city of prosperity and progress, full of culture and history. Barcelona lies at the foot of the Mount Montjuic, which rising from the sea, is where the famous Mies van der Rohe Pavilion can be found. Close by, stroll the streets, squares, and houses that make up the Pueblo Español.

Barcelona is unequivocally a Mediterranean city, not only because of its geographic location but also and above all because of its history, tradition and culture. The documented history of Barcelona dates back to the founding of a Roman colony on its soil in the second century B.C. Modern Barcelona experienced spectacular growth and economic revival at the onset of industrialization during the second half of the 19th century. The 1888 World’s Fair became a symbol of the capacity for hard work and the international outlook projected by the city. Culture and the arts flourished in Barcelona and in all of Catalonia; the splendor achieved by Catalonian modernism is one of the city’s proudest achievements.

In the downtown area of Barcelona, lovers of art and culture have the opportunity to see the works of Picasso and Miro. In the same area, visit the architectural works of the “modernist masters”, the highlight of which is the impressive Sagrada Familia church, designed by Gaudi.

The old city of Barcelona, known as the Barrio Gotico, full of history and culture with its old walls, beautiful monuments, and winding pedestrian streets, is fascinating and well worth exploring. As you wander through the small streets, you will discover hidden plazas, quaint restaurants with excellent food, and charming little bars and shops.

One place in Barcelona full of history and culture that definitely should not be missed is Las Ramblas, probably the most famous street in Spain. It is a wonderful experience to stroll up and down the street watching all the street artists and performers. On both sides of the street are restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, plus many more interesting sights and sounds Without a doubt, Las Ramblas and the surrounding area is the beating heart of Barcelona.

Without a doubt, Barcelona is an ideal location to learn Spanish and experience the history and culture of Spain.

Things To See And Do In The Area

  • Visit local museums
  • Stroll down Las Ramblas
  • Explore the Barrio Gotico
  • Relax on the beach during the summer months
  • Enjoy world-class dining
  • Excellent nightlife
  • Great shopping
  • Visit some of the structures built by Gaudi
  • And much…much…more!

We are confident that learning Spanish at the Barcelona Spanish School will be a wonderful experience!

Getting To Barcelona, Spain

There are daily flights into Barcelona from all over the world.

If you have questions about how to arrive into Barcelona, Spain please do not hesitate to contact us.