Spanish Schools In Barcelona, Spain

The Barcelona Spanish School option #1 is situated in the center of Barcelona, just a short distance away from the Plaza Catalunya, which is the central square in Barcelona and the communications hub of the city.

The Barcelona Spanish School occupies 6 floors of a large historic corner building in Barcelona, which has a distinctive, triangular shape. The Spanish school has over 30 air-conditioned classrooms, an internet cafe, free Wi-Fi, a study center and library, a bar (food and drinks) and a large terrace. To say that the facilities at the Barcelona Spanish School are top-notch would be an understatement.

The Barcelona Spanish School in Spain offers a variety of excellent Spanish programs designed for students of all different levels of Spanish. Students can study and learn both general and specialized Spanish topics. Each year students from every part of the world come to this school to learn Spanish. The Spanish school consistently receives excellent reviews.

Specialized Spanish Programs In Barcelona, Spain
If you need to learn Spanish for business, medical work, or other professional fields, the Barcelona Spanish School can and does arrange these types of programs. These type of programs are set up in a private class setting. You could for instance take 4 classes per day of private classes OR take a general group Spanish class in the morning and then in the afternoon take 1 0r 2 private Spanish classes. 

Apart from learning the Spanish language in Barcelona, you will probably want to see more of Spain and to get to know more about Spanish life and culture. As such, the Barcelona Spanish School organizes a whole range of interesting activities. During the week you will have the opportunity to partake in a variety of activities ranging from visits to local historical sites to intercambios with Spaniards. During the weekends, students will also have a chance to participate in full day excursions to different points of interest around Barcelona.

We are confident that the Barcelona Spanish School in Spain is a great place to learn Spanish.

Spanish Program Options

Standard Group 4 Spanish Program

  • Learn Spanish in a small group.
  • Max 10 students per class.
  • A small group class means you can learn Spanish quickly and efficiently
  • 4 classes per day
  • Classes are Monday – Friday

Spanish & Culture Program

  • Spanish and Culture Course
  • Learn Spanish in the mornings in the Standard Group 4 class
  • Then take an additional 1.5 classes per day which cover various cultural aspects as it relates to Spain
    • Spanish social customs
    • Flamenco
    • Architecture (includes Gaudi)
    • The cultural diversity of Spain (languages, gastronomy, folklore, etc)
    • Spanish Music
    • The Spanish Civil War
    • Popular Spanish fiestas
    • And more!
  • A great way to learn more about Spain AND learn Spanish
  • Classes are Tuesday – Friday (2:30 to 4:00)

Over 50 Spanish Program

If you are a mature student, you are of course always welcome to join any of our Spanish courses.

However, if you prefer to study and socialize with people of your own age, and are over the age of 50, we have Spanish courses specially designed for you.

  • Duration 2 weeks
  • 3 classes per day Mon to Fri
  • Start Dates May 8, Sept 26

The course also includes a special program of visits to places of interest inside the city, a full-day excursion to the Costa Brava, Figueras and the Dalí Museum, and a meal in a typical Barcelona restaurant.

A typical social program is as follows:

Week 1

  • Monday: Welcome cocktail and introductory city tour
  • Tuesday: Guided tour of the Gothic Quarter
  • Wednesday: Visit to the City of Barcelona Museum
  • Thursday: Visit to Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia
  • Friday: Evening visit to a flamenco show
  • Saturday: Full-day excursion to the Costa Brava and Dalí museum
  • Sunday: Free day

Week 2

  • Monday: Guided tour of Montjuïc and the Miró Foundation
  • Tuesday: Visit to Gaudí’s Park Güell
  • Wednesday: Visit to the Picasso Museum
  • Thursday: Evening visit to the theatre or cinema
  • Friday: Lunch at a local restaurant


  • Classes only (you are getting your own accommodations): $585
  • Classes AND if staying with a family (breakfast only): $1,085
  • Classes AND if staying with a family (breakfast and dinner): $1,185

Spanish Teacher Training Program

  • This center trains more than 200 Spanish language teachers each year.
  • We offer the following:
    • Introductory  Courses
      • For fluent Spanish speakers (native or non-native)
      • Intensive course is 4 weeks. Extensive course is 6 weeks
      • Covers both theoretical and practical aspects of teaching
      • It is possible to receive 6 credits from the U of Barcelona’s Masters course in teaching Spanish as a foreign language
    • Methodology Course
      • 2 week course
      • 40 hours
      • Covers: Teaching portfolio, group dynamics, skills, planning, language and vocabulary practice and presentation
    • Methodology and Culture Course
      • 2 week course
      • 65 hours (includes the Methodology Course material)
      • Grammar review, error correction, pronunciation, observation and commentary, sessions on Spanish culture
    • Tailor Made Teacher Training Courses
      • We can customize a course to fit your particular requirements
  •  Contact us to find out more about dates and pricing.

Accommodation Options

  • Stay with a local host family
    • Host families are located within 20 minutes from the Spanish school.
    • You will receive a private room.
    • When traveling with friends or family you can share a room OR get private rooms in the same host family.
    • 1 or 2 meals per day.
  • Share an apartment with other students
    • Private room in a shared apartment.
    • Shared room is possible
    • Share common areas.
    • No meals.
    • Located  between 10-20 minutes from the Spanish school.

Program Prices

Options1 Week2 Weeks3 Weeks4 WeeksExtra Wk(s)
Standard Group 4 Spanish Program With Apartment & NO MEALS$565$1,130$1,680$2,230$530
Standard Group 4 Spanish Program With Host Family Option & 1 Meal Per Day$505$1,005$1,495$1,995$480
Standard Group 4 Spanish Program With Host Family & 2 Meals Per Day$550$1,105$1,645$2,185$525
Spanish & Culture Program With Apartment & NO MEALS$640$1,285$1,915$2,545$605
Spanish & Culture Program With Host Family Option & 1 Meal Per Day$580$1,165$1,735$2,305$555
Spanish & Culture Program With Host Family & 2 Meals Per Day$630$1,260$1,875$2,495$605
  • Group Spanish programs have a maximum of 10 students in a class.
  • Host family option includes 1 or 2 meals per day.
  • No meals if you opt for the shared apartment option.
  • Shared Room in an apartment reduces the price by $65 per week
  • Airport pickup $110
  • Code (I) 2019

Start Dates

Spanish Programs and the other programs at the Barcelona Spanish School start EVERY Monday of the year.

  • If you sign up for our accommodations they will begin on the Sunday prior to your first Monday Class. Accommodations end on the Saturday after your last Friday class of your program.
  • If a holiday falls on a Monday then classes will begin on a Tuesday. You can however still move into your accommodations on Sunday.
  • Classes are NOT made up due to holidays
  • If you require EXTRA nights of accommodations please let us know. Depending on the time of year it may be possible to arrange extra nights.

What Is Included With Your Spanish Program?

  • Accommodations with a local host family (if selected)
  • Private room (you can share a room with a friend or family if you like).
  • 2 meals per day if staying with a host family (if selected)
  • Accommodations in a shared apartment (if selected)
  • Private room in a shared apartment (if selected)
  • School materials
  • Wi-Fi at the school
  • Cultural activities (some have a small fee)
  • Weekend excursion (not free)
  • Academic credit is available. More here
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