Spanish Schools in Bogota, Colombia

The Bogota Spanish School is part of a group of Spanish language schools which are well known for the quality of their Spanish language immersion programs. This particular Spanish school was founded in 2007 and today receives students from around the world who want to visit Colombia and learn Spanish.

A unique aspect about this Spanish language school is that they also teach English to the locals in Bogota. This offers our students a great opportunity to meet locals and practice the Spanish they learned in class!

The Bogota Spanish School is located in the charming heart of the colonial district of Bogota. It is also only 10 minutes away from the Plaza de Bolivar, which is the center of the old city.

The Spanish school resides in a lovingly restored 19th century building that still has many of its original features. Upon entry you cannot help but notice the beautiful wood floors and ornately carved wooden ceilings. The building also has two beautiful interior courtyards which are great places to relax between Spanish classes. The Spanish school has 11 classrooms, a computer room, an auditorium, and free WiFi for our students.

The Bogota Spanish School offers both general and specialized Spanish programs. If you are interested in helping the community we can also arrange volunteer work for you.

Spanish & Eco-Tourism
A unique program offered by the Spanish school involves eco-tourism. Study and learn Spanish in Bogota for as long as you need or like. When your program is over then the adventure begins! Travel to the Amazon along the border of Colombia, Brazil, and Peru. With professional guides you will explore this region of the Amazon and have a chance to meet/see some of the indigenous people of the area. Hike through nature reserves and canoe down jungle rivers. It is an experience of a lifetime. Contact us for pricing!

Spanish programs at the Bogota Spanish School start every week and are open to people of all levels of Spanish proficiency. You can study and learn Spanish for as short as a week or up to a period of months. The choice is yours!

We think the Bogota Spanish School is a wonderful place to learn Spanish while at the same discovering Bogota and the rest of Colombia.

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Spanish Program Options

Standard Group 4 Spanish Program

  • Take 20 Spanish classes per week in group classes (4 classes per day).
  • Max 8 students per Spanish class (average of 4-5 per class)
  • Participate in cultural activities during the week
  • Open to all levels of Spanish proficiency.
  • Mon-Fri

Private Spanish Program

  • A great Spanish program option.
  • Take 4 Spanish classes per day in private classes.
  • An ideal option if you need a very intensive Spanish program or need to cover specialized topics (business, medical, etc.)
  • Open to all level of Spanish proviciency.
  • Mon-Fri

Spanish & Business in Colombia

  • Your first 4 classes per day are in the Standard Group Format
  • Then you will take an additional 2 classes per day in private classes.
  • You will cover a variety of business topics with an emphasis on doing business in Colombia.
  • Add $300 per week for these courses (in addition to the cost of the Standard Spanish Program).

Spanish & Volunteer Course

  • You will study Spanish in the Standard Group Option
  • In the afternoons you will volunteer to work with children.
  • You must stay at least 4 weeks.
  • Volunteer setup fee $100

Accommodation Options

  • Stay with a local host family
    • Private room (you can share a room with someone you are traveling with if you like)
    • Friends or family can stay in the same host family and get a private room or share.
    • 1-2 meals per day.
    • Host families are a short distance from the Spanish school.
    • Towels & sheets included.
  • Stay in a private studio apartment.
    • Perfect if you want privacy.
    • Includes sheets and towels.
    • WiFi
    • Cleaning and changing of bed linen once per week.
    • Cable TV
    • Private bathroom.
    • Kitchenette.
    • Shared areas outside the apartment
    • 7 minutes to the Bogota Spanish School

Program Prices

Options1 Week2 Weeks3 Weeks4 WeeksExtra Wk(s)
Group 4 Spanish Program With Host Family & 1 Meal Per day$390$780$1,170$1,560$370
Group 4 Spanish Program With Host Family Option 2 Meals Per Day$410$820$1,230$1,640$390
Group 4 Spanish Program With Apartment Option & NO MEALS$440$880$1,320$1,760$420
Private 4 Spanish Program With Host Family Option 1 Meal Per Day$770$1,540$2,310$3,080$770
Private 4 Spanish Program With Host Family Option 2 Meals Per Day$790$1,580$2,370$3,160$790
Private 4 Spanish Program With Apartment Option & NO MEALS$820$1,640$2,460$3,280$820
  • Host family option includes 1-2 meals per day
  • No meals with apartment option
  • Airport pickup available for an extra fee of $45
  • Extra night in homestay $40
  • Extra night in apartment $40
  • Code (I)

Start Dates & Holidays

Spanish Programs at our Bogota Spanish School start EVERY Monday of the year if you have some level of Spanish. For absolute beginners you must start on the following dates: Jan 2, 16, 30 Feb 13, 27 March 13, 27 April 10, 24 May 8, 22 June 5, 20 July 4, 17, 31 Aug 14, 28 Sept 11, 25 Oct 9, 23 Nov 7, 20 Dec 4, 17

  • If you sign up for our accommodations they will begin on the Sunday prior to your first Monday Class. Accommodations end on the Saturday after your last Friday class of your program.
  • If a holiday falls on a Monday then classes will begin on a Tuesday. You can however still move into your accommodations on Sunday.
  • Classes are NOT made up due to holidays
  • If you require EXTRA nights of accommodations please let us know. In most cases this can be accommodated.

2017: The school will be closed on January 9, March 20; April 13, 14; May 1, 29; June 19, 26; July 3, 20; August 7, 21; October 16; November 6, 13; December 8, 25.

Please note that classes lost on the holidays listed above cannot be made up at other times.

What Is Included With Your Spanish Program?

  • Accommodations with a local host family (if selected)
  • Private room when staying with a local host family
  • Accommodations in a private apartment (if selected)
  • Handouts and books
  • WiFi at the school
  • Cultural activities (some have a small fee)
  • Weekend excursion (not free)
  • Academic credit is available. More here
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