Buenos Aires City Guide

    Learn Spanish In Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Buenos Aires Location: Western Shore of the estuary of the Río de la Plata

    Buenos Aires is a busy, vibrant city and the central gateway for the produce and products that are transported to every area of Argentina. Its banks transact business with commercial establishments all over the world. Its streets teem with pedestrians from early morning until late at night. Cars and colectivos, or small buses, race up and down the broad boulevards at breakneck speed, and an extensive subway system runs underground. Many green, shaded plazas throughout the city offer quiet refuge from the bustle of daily life, and in beautiful Palermo Park, which covers acres of land in the heart of the city, are a zoo, ponds for boating, a golf course, and several restaurants.

    Porteños, as the multinational people of Buenos Aires are known, possess an elaborate and rich cultural identity. The typical Porteño may never have traveled outside of the country. They value their European heritage–Italian and German names outnumber Spanish, and the lifestyle and architecture are markedly more European than any other city in South America. From their own backgrounds, they have brought foods, arts, and customs, thus creating a cosmopolitan blend that is distinctly Buenos Aires. Porteños are intensely involved in the life and culture of their city, and they will gladly share the secrets of Buenos Aires if you lend an ear and relate your own stories in return.

    Buenos Aires is composed of many small places, intimate details, and tiny events and interactions, each with a slightly different shade, shape, and character. Glass-sheathed skyscrapers cast their slender shadows on 19th century Victorian houses; tango bars hazed with the piquant tang of cigar smoke face dusty, treasure-filled antique shops across the way.

    The city’s neighborhoods are small and highly individualized, each with its own characteristic colors and forms. In the San Telmo district, the city’s multinational heritage is embodied in a varied and cosmopolitan architecture -Spanish Colonial design couples with Italian detailing and graceful French Classicism. La Boca’s pressed tin houses are painted a rainbow of colors, and muralists have turned the district’s side-streets into avenues of color.

    The Porteños are great food-lovers. Beef, unquestionably the favorite, is often eaten both at lunch and at dinner. Fruits and vegetables are varied and plentiful; and desserts, many of them made with a heavy sweet cream called dulce de leche, are extremely popular. Local wines and good fresh bread traditionally accompany almost every meal, and small cups of strong black coffee complete the repast. Mealtimes are leisurely and late. Dinner often starts at 10 o’clock in the evening, and many people pause during the course of a long and busy day for tea in the late afternoon.

    For all its diversity, the elusive spirit of Argentina as a country is present everywhere in Buenos Aires. The national dance, the tango, is perhaps the best expression of that spirit–practiced in dance halls, parks, open plazas, and ballrooms, it is a dance of intimate separation and common rhythm, combining both an elegant reserve and an exuberant passion.

    Make the most of your time study and learning Spanish and enjoy all the beauty Buenos Aires, Argentina has to offer.

    Things To See And Do In The Area

    • Visit the various museums.
    • Enjoy excellent nightlife.
    • Explore the theatre district.
    • Great shopping.
    • Cultural events.
    • Visit La Boca.
    • Get out to the countryside.
    • Watch world-class soccer.
    • AND much more!

    Come to Buenos Aires to learn Spanish and discover a wonderful country!

    Getting To Buenos Aires, Argentina

    You have one main way to arrive.

    • Fly into Buenos Aires
    • Each day there are numerous international flights arriving into the city
    • We can arrange pickup service.

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