Spanish Schools in Cartagena, Colombia

The Cartagena Spanish School is a well recognized language school located in the colonial heart of Cartagena. From this ideal location you are close to the most important sites of interest within Cartagena such as the Plaza de Santo Domingo and the church of San Pedro Claver. The Spanish school is located in a lovely colonial style house which is situated in one of the more traditional neighborhoods in Cartagena. The beach area itself is only minutes away.

When you come to study and learn Spanish in Cartagena you will find students from around the world at the school. The classrooms are comfortable and the teachers all have years of experience teaching Spanish. Most students will take the Standard Group Course.

For those that need specialized instruction the Cartagena Spanish School can set up a program customized for your needs. Topics can include business Spanish, Spanish medical terminology, etc.

Many people who come to this region of Colombia to learn Spanish also want to experience everything the area has to offer. As such we arrange in addition to your Spanish classes, adventure type programs. Learn how to SCUBA dive, spend time on the water learning how to sail or kite surf. If your interests lie more towards music or dance, the Spanish school arranges these types of programs as well.

The Cartagena Spanish School also offers a few different Spanish & Volunteer programs. The minimum length of time to volunteer is 4 weeks. These programs are very popular.

Specialized Spanish Programs
The Cartagena Spanish School can set up a specialized program to fit your needs. Learn Spanish as it relates to subjects or topics you require. Spanish programs start each week. Volunteering is also an option. The Spanish school also offers a variety of interesting Adventure options such as SCUBA, Kite Surfing, Sailing, Dance, Music, and more!

Spanish programs at the Cartagena Spanish School start every week and are open to people of all levels of Spanish proficiency. You can study and learn Spanish for as short as a week or up to a period of months. The choice is yours!

We think the Cartagena Spanish School is a wonderful place to learn Spanish while at the same discovering Cartagena and the rest of Colombia.

Click on the links below to find out further information about our Spanish language school in Cartagena, Colombia. 

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Standard Group 4 Spanish Program
  • Take 20 Spanish classes per week in group classes (4 classes per day).
  • Max 10 students per Spanish class (average of 6 per class)
  • Receive 5 cultural activities per week.
  • Includes 1 dance class per week.
  • Open to all levels of Spanish proficiency.
  • Mon-Fri
Private Spanish Program
  • A great Spanish program option.
  • Take 4 Spanish classes per day in private classes.
  • Use private classes to customize the program for your needs.
Spanish & Custom Course
  • The same basic structure as the Group 4 program above.
  • After your group classes you will then take an additional 5 lessons per day covering topics that you need to cover. Options include business, medical terminology, etc. Let us know what you need to cover in the afternoon and we can arrange a program for you.
  • Add $175 per week for these courses.
Spanish & Adventure Course
  • The same basic structure as the Group 4 program above.
  • In addition to learning Spanish you can learn how to do the following:
    • SCUBA Classes
      • Tourist class (no certification) add $125
      • 2 week PADI certification add $380
    • Wind surfing (8 hours) add $200
    • Sailing (2 week course) add $360
    • Music (per week) add $100
    • Dance (per week) add $45
Spanish & Volunteer Course
  • The same basic structure as the Group 4 program above.
  • In addition to learning Spanish you can volunteer in the following areas:
    • Volunteer at an orphanage
    • Volunteer at an elderly care center
    • Volunteer at a local animal shelter
  • You will need at least a basic level of Spanish.
  • You will have to work at least 2 afternoons per week.
  • Minimum length of time is 4 weeks.
  • First 4 weeks add $860 to your program. Each week after add $220
  • Contact us for more details.
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  • Stay with a local host family
    • Private room (you can share a room with someone you are traveling with if you like)
    • Friends or family can stay in the same host family and get a private room or share.
    • 1-2 meals per day.
    • Host families are a short distance from the Spanish school.
    • Towels & sheets included.
  • Stay in a private apartment.
    • The apartment offers a stunning view of the ocean, the famous San Felipe castle and the old City.
    • The apartment is only 10 minutes by bicycle to the Spanish school (the apartment includes a bicycle and you can use it when you rent the place).
    • Perfect for those who want complete privacy.
    • Apartments have a capacity of 1-5 people.
    • NO MEALS included.
    • Right on the beach and close to the colonial heart of Cartagena.
    • WIFI
    • Pool
    • Cleaning once per week.
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Options1 Week2 Weeks3 Weeks4 WeeksExtra Wk(s)
Group 4 Spanish Program With Host Family & 1 Meal Per day$475$870$1,265$1,660$375
Group 4 Spanish Program With Host Family Option 2 Meals Per Day$500$920$1,340$1,760$400
Group 4 Spanish Program With Apartment Option & NO MEALS$800$1,520$2,140$2,760$600
Private 4 Spanish Program With Host Family & 1 Meal Per day$755$1,430$2,105$2,780$675
Private 4 Spanish Program With Host Family Option 2 Meals Per Day$780$1,480$2,180$2,880$700
Private 4 Spanish Program With Apartment Option & NO MEALS$1,080$2,080$2,980$3,880$900
  • Host family option includes 1-2 meals per day
  • No meals with apartment option
  • Airport pickup available for an extra fee of $35
  • Extra night in homestay $40
  • Extra night in apartment $120
  • For special course prices those prices are added to the prices in the table above.
  • Code (N)
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Spanish Programs at our Cartagena Spanish School start EVERY Monday of the year.

  • If you sign up for our accommodations they will begin on the Sunday prior to your first Monday Class. Accommodations end on the Saturday after your last Friday class of your program.
  • If a holiday falls on a Monday then classes will begin on a Tuesday. You can however still move into your accommodations on Sunday.
  • Classes are NOT made up due to holidays
  • If you require EXTRA nights of accommodations please let us know. In most cases this can be accommodated.
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  • Accommodations with a local host family (if selected)
  • Private room when staying with a local host family
  • Accommodations in a private apartment (if selected)
  • Handouts and books
  • WiFi at the school
  • Cultural activities (some have a small fee)
  • Weekend excursion (not free)
  • Academic credit is available. More here


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