Learn Spanish In Cuernavaca, Mexico

Cuernavaca Location: State of Morelos (Just south of Mexico City)

Cuernavaca is the capital and largest city in the state of Morelos. Despite its size, the city has a very small town feel to it. Known as “The City of Eternal Spring”, Cuernavaca is one of the principal vacation centers in Central Mexico due to its temperate year round climate, prevailing sunshine, and abundance of flowering trees and bushes.

The zocalo, also called the Plaza de Armas, is the heart of the city and the best place to begin a tour of Cuernavaca. Most of the budget hotels and important sites of interest can be found nearby.

The city is only 1 hour south of Mexico City and 3 hours from the ever popular Acapulco. Bus service between these and other locations are excellent.

The first-time visitor to Cuernavaca will immediately sense that the city has a vacation personality. That’s because Cuernavaca has been a summer getaway destination since Pre-Hispanic times, when Indian nobility came here. Cortés followed this tradition in Colonial times. So did Emperor Maximilian and his wife Carlota, as well as many prominent silver barons.

Today, Cuernavaca is still attracting those who want to enjoy its combination of civilized charms and natural beauty. The climate is perhaps its biggest draw. It offers spring like temperatures and lush tropical foliage and flowers virtually year ’round. And because of the city’s urbane-but-mellow atmosphere, chances are you’ll find yourself feeling relaxed – even if you take in all the many sights in and around the city. These include sophisticated shopping and superb dining; the Plateresque architecture of the Cathedral; the Palace of Cortés – now the Cuauhnahuac Museum – with its magnificent Diego Rivera mural; the Tianguis Artesanal – a market for folk art; the studio of artist David Alfaro Siqueiros; the historic Borda Gardens; the Palacio Municipal; and three archaeological sites – Teopanzolco, Xochicalco, and Chalcatzingo. As you wander down small winding streets you will find sidewalk vendors, charming restaurants, lively bars, plus much more!

Cuernavaca is a great jumping off points to many sites of interest within Central Mexico. The road and bus service in this part of Mexico is excellent. As a result, getting to the various points of interest will be quick, easy, and most of all inexpensive!

Things To See And Do In The Area

  • Visit the local museums
  • Spend an afternoon around the Zocalo
  • Great food
  • Excellent nightlife
  • Great shopping
  • Visit some picturesque villages and towns in the area
  • Spend a day in Mexico City
  • Get out to the beach on the weekends
  • And much…much…more!

We are confident that learning Spanish at the Cuernavaca Spanish School will be a wonderful experience!

Getting To Cuernavaca, Mexico

  • Fly into Mexico City.
  • Take a bus from Mexico City to Cuernavaca (a little over an hour)
  • Arrange airport pickup from the Spanish school in Cuernavaca.

If you have questions about how to arrive into Cuernavaca, Mexico please do not hesitate to contact us.