Executive Spanish Programs

For most individuals, the standard and intensive Spanish courses offered by Spanish Abroad, Inc. at our schools are perfect and will suit most needs very easily.

However, if you need something very intensive or very specific, require the best facilities and teachers, demand the best accommodations, etc., then there are certain programs and locations that are better than others.

For this reason, Spanish Abroad, Inc. has classified these schools as “Executive Programs”. In other words, out of all the schools Spanish Abroad, Inc. offers, the following are without a doubt, “The Best of the Best”.

Note: Spanish Abroad, Inc. is confident in the quality of the Spanish programs offered by ANY and ALL of the schools we offer. However, there are certain schools that operate at a higher level than the rest.

Key Points

Accommodations: The accommodations offered at our Executive Spanish Programs will be some of the best found anywhere. The host families at the following schools have been consistently rated as either very good or excellent. For those not interested in host family accommodations, some schools do offer apartment accommodations. It is also possible to help to arrange hotel accommodations at any location. This flexibility will allow you to find the type of accommodations that fit your needs and comfort level.

Facilities: The school facilities at our Executive Spanish Programs are superior to most other Spanish language schools that offer classes to professionals. The classrooms are perfectly suited for small group or private instruction. They are well lit, and will have (if necessary) fans or air conditioning.

Many of our Executive Programs have small restaurants and/or access to soft drinks, coffee, and snacks during the day.

Teachers & Materials: The teachers at the various Executive Spanish Programs have been consistently evaluated as either very good or excellent. All teachers are native Spanish speakers, university trained, and most have been teaching Spanish for many years.

This expertise will help to ensure that our clients have an enjoyable and productive program. The materials used in our Executive Spanish Programs are books used by major universities around the world or have been created by the schools themselves. Note: Typically the schools will make use of both published books used by universities and materials developed by the language school itself.

Courses: At any of our Executive Spanish Programs, professionals can take the standard or intensive courses. In addition, we can and do offer private courses. The private courses are perfect for those individuals who have:

  • a short period of time in which to study
  • require specialized instruction (for example: a business person who needs to work on Spanish terminology as it relates to his/her profession)
  • need a flexible schedule (either in start dates or class times themselves).
  • on a case-by-case basis it is also possible to arrange local contacts with business people, doctors, lawyers, etc. in the country where you will be studying


The following Spanish schools are suitable for a professional demanding the highest quality experience.


Costa Rica