Family Spanish Program In San Sebastian, Spain

Spanish Abroad, Inc. has been offering the Family Spanish Program in San Sebastian for many years. This program consists of the normal Spanish Immersion Program available to all of our students in San Sebastian, Spain.  The San Sebastian Spanish family program is geared towards families of 2 or more students. This can include Mom and/or Dad and one or more children.

Children must be at least 7 years and older to participate in the children’s Spanish Classes in San Sebastian, Spain. Teens that are 14-17 can attend the Teen Spanish Program which is exclusive for their age group during designated summer dates.

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Donostia, as San Sebastian is called in Basque, is located on the northern Cantabrian coast of Spain and is the cultural capital of the Basque country. It is about 12 miles from the French border and is close to other popular destinations.

This clean and modern city has a population of about 200,000, sheltered by the mountains Igueldo, Urgull and Ulía, with the river Urumea flowing through the middle of it. It has Bilbao to the southwest, Pamplona to the southeast and the Pyrenees mountains and Biarritz to the northeast.

San Sebastian has several seaside resorts with spectacular views of La Concha Bay. The quaint city, great beaches and mild warm summer climate, make San Sebastian a great destination for families. San Sebastian provides one of the best locations for a Family Spanish Program.

Family Spanish Program Course Options

Adult Course Options

  • Available Year Round
  • 17 yrs of age and up (sometimes we can get a 16 yr old in. Check with us)
  • Start ANY Monday
  • Group classes (max 12 students per class)
  • 4 classes per day (more classes can be arranged for an extra fee)
  • Cultural activities

Teen Spanish Program

  • Available during the summer
  • Ages 14+

This Teen Spanish Program is arranged in conjunction with the Family Spanish program for teens 14 years and older. The teen Spanish courses are held in the morning and is arranged in the same fashion as the adult Spanish course but with 5 lessons per day and a curriculum appropriate to their age group. The Teen program also include activities 3 times each week in the afternoon, and a full day weekend excursion on Saturdays for multi-week programs.

For more about the Teen Spanish Program in San Sebastian click here.

Children’s Spanish Camp

  • Available during the summer
  • Ages 7-14
  • Min length of time is 2 weeks

We currently offer the Children’s Summer Camp in Spain for those children who are traveling with their parents to San Sebastian and are between the age of 7 to 14. The Spanish Camp includes Spanish classes in the morning with a variety of activities in the afternoon. There will also be English students from around the world to provide an international environment at the school. These students will be studying English separate from those studying Spanish, but all students will interact during the activities.

The camp is located about 10 minutes from San Sebastian by public transportation in the village of Urnieta. This location provides a safe environment for students studying and living at the camp. The Spanish camp provides a onsite residence for the students who choose the Full Camp option. The students will live on site and be provided with all three meals on a daily basis. Each room is separated by gender and has 6 beds with its own private closet. Bathrooms and shower facilities are shared based on gender.

The school also provides a half day option for those students that just want classes or a day camp option for those students that want classes and activities but don’t need accommodations. The school arranges a shuttle to the camp and back each day from a major pickup point in the city at an additional cost.


Host Family Option

Make the most of your stay in San Sebastian and benefit from being able to practice your Spanish after school. Living with one of our carefully chosen Spanish families enables you to learn more about the culture and customs, to sample home cooked local cuisine, and to use the language in its most natural form. Two meals are provided each day (Breakfast and Dinner).

We can arrange for your entire family to stay with one family or we can provide multiple host families for each family member. Accommodations are arranged to start on a Sunday Night and end on a Saturday (Friday Night Included).

Private Apartment Option

These exclusive apartments are a customized arrangement and selected based on the length of your stay and availability. Apartments are typically 10-30 minutes walking distance from the school.

All apartments include: Cooking facilities and basic kitchen utensils as well as bed linens and blankets. The apartment will also include a refrigerator, washing machine, and oven. Not all apartments will include any additional appliances not listed. The apartments are furnished with basic furniture. All utilities and taxes are included in the pricing.

Arrival Information

The Family Spanish Program starts right in San Sebastian, Spain. Your family will be expected to arrive on a Sunday into San Sebastian. We will arrange an airport pickup. The cost for the pickup in San Sebastian is $40 per family member or you can take a taxi to your accommodations for a fraction of the cost. From Bilbao is $100 per person and from Biarritz is $70 per person.


Program costs are based on the normal course and accommodation cost. Airfare to San Sebastian is not included in the package as pricing may vary depending on your point of departure.

Family Spanish Course Costs
1 Week Adult Spanish Course Cost: $265 (per adult)
1 Week Teen Spanish Course Cost:$450 (per teen)

2 Week Adult Spanish Course Cost: $535 (per adult)
2 Week Teen Spanish Course Cost:$830 (per teen)

3 Week Adult Spanish Course Cost: $770 (per adult)
3 Week Teen Spanish Course Cost:$1,210 (per teen)

4 Week Adult Spanish Course Cost: $995 (per adult)
4 Week Teen Spanish Course Cost:$1,590 (per teen)

Family Spanish Program Accommodations

Host Family (Double Room) and 2 meals per day
1 Week: $270 per person
2 Weeks: $480 per person
3 Weeks: $690 per Person
4 Weeks: $900 per Person
Private Room Supplement (per person): $85 per week

Private Apartment 
There are private apartments available. Please contact us for details and pricing.

Children’s Spanish Camp Pricing:

Full Camp Option: Includes Spanish courses, activities, and accommodations: 
1 Week: $705
2 Weeks: $1,300
3 Weeks: $1,930
4 Weeks: $2,460
5 Weeks: $3,030

Day Camp Option: Includes Spanish courses and activities:
1 Week: $385
2 Weeks: $715
3 Weeks: $1,065
4 Weeks: $1,370
5 Weeks: $1,705

Half Camp Option: Includes Spanish courses only:
1 Week: $240
2 Weeks: $435
3 Weeks: $600
4 Weeks: $755
5 Weeks: $955

Shuttle service is provided to and from the camp for $70 per week

Beginner Start Dates for Spanish Family Program in San Sebastian, Spain

Adults and Teens can start ANY Monday from June 5. The last day of the Teen program is Aug 25.

Children’s Spanish Camp Dates for Children Only (age 7-14). This program runs from June 25 to July 29

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