Use our fare finder quote to help you find great deals on flights to Latin America & Spain!Spanish Abroad, Inc. works with Exito Travel, a leading travel provider here in the USA.

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Within a very short period of time you will receive an email with a quote that looks much like the following:

Dear Joe,

My name is Lucas Studer and I am an airfare specialist at Exito Travel.  Exito specializes in international airfare and works closely with Spanish Abroad to arrange flights that coordinate with your travel plans.  Your agent, Judy Burress, asked me to contact you regarding flights for your upcoming trip.

Below you will find an outline of the best option(s) that we have available at this time for your specific itinerary. Please scroll down to be sure you see all the choices.

If you are interested in placing any of these options on hold, please reply to this email with each passenger’s name as it appears in his or her passport.  I will make the reservations, and send you a link to our secure website where you can purchase your tickets and finalize your reservations if you so choose. Once your tickets have been processed we will send a final confirmation to you and your agent.

Airfare: $350.33 per person // all collectable taxes and fees included 

***Airfare is extraordinarily time sensitive. Quoted
prices are estimates and are subject to change until
formal reservations have been created with each
passenger’s legal passport name and payment has
been received and processed.***

Date: Departure: Arrival: Flight Details:
Tue, Nov 10
10:59 AM
Phoenix, AZ
3:05 PM
Mexico City
American Airlines #503 Y
Fri, Nov 20
6:50 AM
Mexico City
9:15 AM
Phoenix, AZ
American Airlines #502 Q