Learn Spanish In Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza Location: Balearic Islands (In the Mediterranean)

Ibiza Town is a city located along the southern coast of the island of Ibiza. This island is part of a larger group of islands knows as the Balearic Islands. Located about 50 miles off the coast of Valencia, Ibiza Town itself is divided between an old section (Dalt Vila) and the modern section. Today the city has a population of roughly 50,000 inhabitants.

Ibiza Town is world-famous for the quality of its beaches and its very exciting nightlife. During the warmer months of the year, people come from around the world to relax and have fun in this city and island. The island is home to excellent beaches, tiny coves, is covered with thick woods, and is well-known for its great weather.

Historically Ibiza has seen many civilizations pass through the island. As you explore the island you will find many historic sites and/or historic architecture.

While the city and island are world-renowned for its night clubs, there are plenty of other things to see and do as well. One can explore street markets, relax in open air bars, participate in cultural events, go to an outdoor concert, and much more!

We feel that Ibiza is a great place to go to learn Spanish while in Spain!

Things To See And Do In The Area

  • Enjoy excellent beaches
  • Check out world-famous nightclubs
  • Go to local cultural events and festivals
  • Dine out
  • Great shopping
  • Great water sports along the beach
  • Visit some of the other islands
  • And much…much…more!

We are confident that learning Spanish at the Ibiza Spanish School will be a wonderful experience!

Getting To Ibiza, Spain

  • Fly into Ibiza. Numerous international arrivals
  • Take a ferry from the mainland

If you have questions about how to arrive into Ibiza, Spain please do not hesitate to contact us.