Medical Spanish Programs

Spanish Abroad, Inc. sets up both group and individual medical Spanish language programs. Options range from pre-arranged Spanish programs (open to groups and individuals) to customized Spanish programs.

Our clients use these programs to meet academic requirements or to enable themselves to function more effectively in their work environment. Our medical Spanish programs are designed to allow the medical professional the ability to learn Spanish language skills necessary to communicate with patients. It is important to note that students do need to have a working knowledge of the Spanish language (be able to make sentences, etc.) in order to acquire Spanish for a particular field, such as medical Spanish.

Pre-arranged Medical Spanish Programs

A popular option we are offering is the pre-arranged Medical Spanish Program. This option, which is offered at specific times each year, is open to both groups and individuals. Many of the students participating in these medical Spanish programs are 1st or 2nd year medical students.

Current Locations for Pre-arranged Medical Spanish Programs

Customized Medical Spanish Programs

Many of our clients use our services to work on their ability to speak general Spanish. Others, who already have a solid foundation in Spanish participate in our Spanish programs to work on specialized terminology as it relates to the medical profession. Medical Spanish for these programs is taught during private classes at many of our locations and will vary in price. Please contact us for customized information on the location of your choice. Allow us to set up a customized Medical Spanish Program for you.

Medical Students

Depending on your medical school, it may be possible for medical students to earn credit for their immersion experience that will help them meet the requirements for graduation.

In many cases students are able to go abroad during their first or fourth year. Each medical school has different requirements, so be sure to check with your school to see what you will need to do in order to earn credit for your immersion experience.

Typically students will attend a Spanish language program and spend some time shadowing a professional or volunteer in a medical setting.

Once you are aware of your school’s requirements, please contact our office so we can help set up a program that will undoubtedly enhance your studies!