Medical Spanish Program In Heredia / San Jose, Costa Rica

This Medical Spanish Program is offered by our Heredia Spanish School.

Our medical Spanish course in Costa Rica is located in the San Jose suburb of Santo Domingo de Heredia. You will be 10 minutes from down town San Jose or Heredia in the opposite direction. We provide 3 different options for the medical Spanish course depending on your individual needs. Each program will include general group classes as it is important to improve your overall Spanish level. You will also be provided with small group or private medical Spanish to increase your Spanish ability in the medical field.

The San Jose area provides a great location for medical Spanish students as it is a modern city and is not extremely touristy. The lack of tourists provides for a great immersion experience since you will be less likely to use your native language in communicating which forces you to practice the Spanish language you are using.

Our school will provide a certificate of completion based on the contact hours that you complete for each aspect of the program.

Medical Spanish Course In Costa Rica :

This Medical Spanish course in Costa Rica includes general group courses with 4 lessons per day where you will improve your overall Spanish level. It will also provide 10 hours of medical Spanish each week through private instruction where you will focus specifically on learning medical Spanish through terminology and typical phrases.

Start Dates: Any Monday
Number of Weeks:  1 week minimum. Any number of weeks is possible.
Course Price Per Week: $475
Accommodations: $165 per week with host family and 2 meals per day OR $195 per week if you select a private apartment.

You can register as you would with our normal Spanish programs here:

Please note in the comments field which Medical Spanish course option you choose for your Spanish program in Costa Rica.