Medical Spanish Program In Panama City, Panama

This Medical Spanish Program is offered by our Panama City Spanish School.

Students have the opportunity to arrange a program focused on Medical Spanish in Panama City on an individual basis or with friends and colleagues. This medical Spanish program will be comprised of private OR group classes with other medical students. It is important to note that it is required that students have a working knowledge of Spanish in order to focus on Spanish for medicine.


The Medical Spanish Program is designed for medical students and professionals who want to learn Spanish related to medical terminology and also visit local hospitals for practical observance of local practices. The mornings are dedicated to increasing your overall Spanish level and afternoons will focus on increasing your Medical Spanish as well as visits to the hospital.


The Spanish language school has developed their own set of materials for general Spanish and will use handouts for medical Spanish.

Class Start Dates:

Students can start any Monday (except holidays).


Medical Spanish Program with Host Family & 2 Meals Per Day

1 week: $530
2 weeks: $975
3 weeks: $1,275
4 weeks: $1,675
Each extra week:  $440

For the shadowing portion please add $100 per week.

You can register as you would with our normal Spanish programs here

Please note in the comments field which Medical Spanish course option you choose for your Spanish program in Panama.