Medical Spanish Program In Playa del Carmen, Mexico

This Medical Spanish Program is offered by our Playa del Carmen Spanish School.

Playa del Carmen hosts our medical Spanish program in Mexico. Playa del Carmen is a constantly growing beach town located 45 minutes south of Cancun along the stunning crystal blue coast of the Mayan Riviera.

Our Medical Spanish program focuses on providing Medical students with intensive medical Spanish courses.

Designed for medical practitioners (doctors, nurses, care-workers, etc.) who need to use Spanish in their workplace, the course focuses on improving your linguistic competency in a wide range of health care contexts and situations.


The program includes an optional visit to a Health Center, or encounters with Spanish speaking doctors or nurses.

  • Duration: Any number of weeks
  • Hours/day: 6
  • Levels: All
  • Minimum age: 18

Example Programs

Below are examples of a typical study program for intermediate and advanced level students:

Intermediate level

Students at this level will achieve a basic competency in Spanish that will allow them to communicate successfully in most health situations at primary assistance level.

Students learn to:

  • receive, orientate and inform a patient or visitor
  • participate in a basic discussion within the health aid activity
  • establish and confirm an appointment or interview
  • take notes of a telephone conversation or an interview with a patient
  • understand straightforward professional explanations or instructions
  • make and maintain telephone contacts, etc.

Other topics covered may include:

  • the elaboration and understanding of health documents and health administration systems
  • understanding patients medical history and admission details
  • understanding basic medical texts
  • writing notes and messages, completing questionnaires or forms
  • knowing how to explain a blood analysis, etc.

The organization of different health systems may also be covered.

Advanced level

At this level students develop an increasingly accurate use of Spanish, develop their oral fluency and improve their pronunciation.

Students will be learn to:

  • understand and expand oral and written messages from almost any register in a health care context
  • communicate with patients directly, or by telephone
  • discuss and debate subjects of interest such as current healthcare policies
  • look up, order or transfer information and data
  • reply to complaints
  • comprehend and compile hospital documents (diagnostic samples, surgery plans etc.)

Subjects may include clinics and hospitals, internal medicine, diagnosis and treatment, surgery, the operating theatre, pre-operative and post-operative care, etc., as well as the organization of different health systems

Other Levels

If neither of the above are your level, however, we can also offer you a tailor-made program to suit your level and needs.

More Notes

The Spanish school that hosts the medical Spanish courses will provide all medical students with a certificate of completion that will state the number of class contact hours they have completed.

Playa del Carmen provides a great site for a medical Spanish program considering its modern amenities and facilities. The town provides an interesting combination of modernity with its sprawling resorts, and upscale cafes and restaurants, along with local neighborhoods providing a unique look at everyday life in Mexico as well as the ancient Mayan culture.

Medical Spanish Course Options in Mexico

This medical Spanish program is offered throughout the year starting on any Monday. This Program includes General Spanish instruction in a Group Course with 4 Lessons per day, as well as Medical Spanish instruction with 2 Private lesson per day.

Start Dates: Any Monday
Number of Weeks: 1 week minimum
Course Price per Week: $530
Accommodations: $275 per week (host family with 2 meals),  $300 per week in an apartment, $255 in the residence with no meals, $295 in the residence with breakfast only, or $350 in the residence with breakfast and dinner.

You can register as you would with our normal Spanish programs here

Please note in the comments field which Medical Spanish course option you choose for your Spanish program in Mexico.