Learn Spanish In Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City Location: Central Mexico

Mexico City is a fascinating city and one of the great cities in Latin America. The city has a rich history stretching back over 1,000 years. From the Templo Mayor, the center of the Aztec Empire to the Spanish colonial architecture of its many churches, Mexico City has something to offer everyone. Start your exploration of Mexico City in one of the largest plazas in the world, the Zocalo. You will find Baroque architecture next to gleaming modern structures, side-walk cafes right around the corner from restaurants offering some of the best cuisine in the world, plus more!

Locals refer to Mexico City as “el DF” (distrito federal). The city is one of the largest cities in the world and as such has a certain chaotic feel to it. As you explore it though you will find each neighborhood and area offers something unique and interesting. Spend a day shopping and dining in the fashionable Zona Rosa. Stroll through the lovely Chapultapec Park and visit the world-renowned Museo Nacional de Antropologia. Want something more relaxing? Then go visit the area of Coyoacan which is full of older homes, nice parks, and a generally more slower paced feel.

An hour north of Mexico City lies Teotihuacan, an impressive archeological site home to some of the largest pyramids in the world. To the south you can stop by and visit interesting cities such as Puebla or Cuernavaca.

We are sure that if you come to learn Spanish in Mexico City you will not be disappointed. It is a fascinating and energetic city.

Things To See And Do In The Area

  • Visit the Zocalo
  • Explore the Zona Rosa
  • Check out the Templo Mayor
  • Enjoy wonderful cuisine
  • Great shopping and nightlife
  • Excellent museums
  • Visit the pyramids at Teotihuacan
  • Travel outside the city
  • And much…much…more!

We are confident that learning Spanish at the Mexico City Spanish School will be a wonderful experience!

Getting To Mexico City, Mexico

Airlines from around the world have daily flights into Mexico City.

If you have questions about how to arrive into Mexico City, Mexico please do not hesitate to contact us.