Online Spanish Programs

Spanish Abroad, Inc. is proud to offer a great online Spanish program. Study and learn Spanish online from the comfort of your home of office. This online Spanish course works on computers, tablets, and cell phones.

We highly recommend taking our online course before you participate in on of our Spanish immersion programs. These online Spanish lessons will help to prepare you for your Spanish program abroad. Any work you do before your program will help you start at a higher level going into your Spanish immersion program.

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What if you are not going to study abroad? 

Our online Spanish course is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their Spanish language skills.

What do you get with your online Spanish course?

  • Over 600 hours of interactive study material
  • 5 levels available from Pre-Elementary to Upper Intermediate
  • With or without tutor support
  • Tablet compatible (iPad and Android)
  • Structured, engaging course design
  • Effective methodology (see below)
  • Guaranteed improvement
  • Level test


  • Designed by experts: The courses are designed by experts in the creation of online material. The aim is to motivate, guide and equip you to achieve your learning goals and communicate effectively.
  • Course design: Learn to read, write, listen and speak. In the courses, you focus on language in context and practice all aspects of the language in a meaningful way.
  • A text- and task-driven approach to materials design: Carefully structured to achieve your learning goals. The courses are carefully structured to help you achieve your learning goals and successfully complete real-life tasks. You take an active role in your learning and become a more autonomous learner.
  • Topic cohesion: Practice natural language in a meaningful way. Units of the courses are based on topics. This means you learn language associated with each topic and have the opportunity to use what you learn in a meaningful and natural way.
  • Holistic approach to language focus: Study all aspects of Spanish. In the courses you find and understand a wide variety of written and spoken texts and focus on features like style and discourse, rather than just focusing on sentences in isolation.
  • Inductive approach to grammar:  Be an active learner. In the courses you discover how the language works and put your understanding into practice.
  • A multi-layered syllabus: Use language creatively. In the courses there is equal focus on vocabulary, grammar, functional language, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening and speaking, and you can use the language in a creative, personalized way. You don’t just learn standard answers to standard questions.
  • Exercise design: Exercises designed to help you learn. In the courses, feedback guides you to understanding. Exercises help you learn, rather than just testing what you learn. You focus on meaning first and then on form. As you progress you are challenged more, using a wide variety of engaging exercise types.

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