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    Panama City Location: Pacific Coast Of Panama

    Panama City is unique in Central America. It is a city of contrasts, both big and small. On one hand it is full of history while on the other it is ultra-modern. It has been said that Panama City is three cities in one.

    One of the first thing that stands out upon arrival is the rather large high-rise district (1st Panama City) which somehow seems out of place for people accustomed to traveling to other Central American capitals. This area is an important financial district, and is home to well over 100 national and international banks. This district is home to an abundance of posh restaurants, bars, shops, and the like.

    On the other hand just a short distance away is the famous colonial district known as the Casco Viejo (2nd Panama City). Here one can stroll through winding streets passing by historic building dating all the way back to the 17th century. This is the major tourist district. As such the government is currently providing incentives to restore any and all buildings that have fallen into a state of disrepair. Progress has been great, and there is no doubt that this area is very charming. Throughout this area one finds historic sites, museums, restaurants, and abundant nightlife.

    The final part of Panama City (3rd City) is known as Panama Vieja. This site is home to the ruins of 16th century Panama City, which was the original settlement. Historically Panama City was the first European colonial city built on the Pacific Coast of the Americas. Founded in 1517 the city was an important Spanish port. The original city was sacked by an English pirate by the name of Henry Morgan. Of specific interest in Panam Vieja is the Panama Vieja Museum.

    Things To See And Do In The Area

    • Visit the colonial district (Casco Viejo)
    • Check out Panama Vieja
    • Visit the Panama Canal
    • Check out some fantastic beach areas
    • Get out into the rain forest
    • Enjoy the vibrant nightlife that Panama City offers
    • AND much more!

    Come to Panama City to learn Spanish and explore a cultural, historic, and simply beautiful area of Panama.

    Getting To Panama City, Panama

    You have one main way to arrive.

    • Fly into Panama City
    • There are flights coming into Panama City from all around the world on a daily basis
    • We can arrange pickup service.

    If you have questions about how to arrive into Panama City, Panama please do not hesitate to contact us.