Puerto Vallarta Spanish School Option #1

    Study Spanish In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    The Puerto Vallarta Spanish School option #1 is located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, just a few blocks away from the stunningly beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean. This Spanish school has a reputation for offering excellent Spanish programs. Students from numerous countries around the world come here to study Spanish. From top to bottom, this is a quality Spanish school.

    The Puerto Vallarta Spanish School facilities are among the best found anywhere, and to match this, the  school has excellent instructors and uses well-organized materials for Spanish language instruction. This combination of excellent facilities and great teachers allows students learn and study Spanish in a short period of time while also being immersed in the culture of Mexico.

    The Puerto Vallarta Spanish School was designed specifically with small group and private instruction in mind. The school grounds and buildings are built-in the typical Pacific coast style so common in this part of Mexico. This style of open architecture creates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere that encourages intensive Spanish language learning. The Spanish school has nice courtyards which provide a great place to relax between the Spanish language classes.

    In addition to the excellent Spanish language programs, a beautiful setting and professional staff, the school offers a language lab to assist with the students’ communication skills. There is an on-campus library stocked with books on grammar, the local Mexican culture, religion and travel in Mexico, etc.

    As with many of our other Spanish schools, Puerto Vallarta Spanish School not only provides general Spanish language study, but can also provide specialized language instruction.

    Come study Spanish in Puerto Vallarta!

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    +Spanish Program Options
    Group 3 Spanish Program
    • Study Spanish in a small group.
    • Max 5 students per class (7 during high season)
    • 3 classes per day
    • Classes are Monday – Friday
    Group 5 Spanish Program
    • Study and learn Spanish in a small group.
    • Max 5 students per class (7 during high season)
    • 5 classes per day
    • Classes are Monday – Friday
    Combined 5 Spanish Programs
    • A popular option
    • If you need to study and learn Spanish quickly this is the course
    • Take 3 group classes followed by 2 private classes
    • 5 classes per day
    • Classes are Monday – Friday
    Private Spanish Programs
    • Customize your Spanish program
    • Study specialized subjects if you like
    • 3 or 4 classes per day. More available if you like
    • Classes are Monday – Friday
    +Accommodation Options
    • Stay with a local host family
      • Host families are located with 15-30 minutes from the Spanish school.
      • You will receive a private room.
      • When traveling with friends or family you can share a room OR get private rooms in the same host family.
      • 2 meals per day.
    +Program Prices
    Options1 Week2 Weeks3 Weeks4 WeeksExtra Wk(s)
    Group 3 Spanish Program With Host Family Option 2 Meals Per Day$615$1,130$1,640$2,110$510
    Group 5 Spanish Program With Host Family Option 2 Meals Per Day$710$1,315$1,925$2,470$595
    Combined 5 Spanish Program With Host Family Option 2 Meals Per Day$865$1,630$2,390$3,060$740
    Private 3 Spanish Program With Host Family Option 2 Meals Per Day$740$1,380$2,015$2,585$620
    • Group Spanish programs have a maximum of 5 students in a class (7 in high season).
    • Host family option includes 2 meals per day. No meals with apartment option.
    • Airport pickup is $45.
    • Code (S) 2017
    +Start Dates & Holidays

    Spanish Programs at the Puerto Vallarta Spanish School start EVERY Monday of the year.

    • If you sign up for our accommodations they will begin on the Sunday prior to your first Monday Class. Accommodations end on the Saturday after your last Friday class of your program.
    • If a holiday falls on a Monday then classes will begin on a Tuesday. You can however still move into your accommodations on Sunday.
    • Classes are NOT made up due to holidays
    • If you require EXTRA nights of accommodations please let us know. Depending on the time of year it may be possible to arrange extra nights.

    Holidays: Jan 1, Feb 6, March 20, April 14, May 1, Sept 16, Nov 20, Dec 25

    +What Is Included With Your Spanish Program?
    • Accommodations with a local host family or apartment (if selected)
    • Private room (you can share a room with a friend or family if you like).
    • 2 meals per day if staying with a host family (if selected)
    • Wi-Fi at the school
    • Cultural activities (some have a small fee)
    • Weekend excursion (not free)
    • Academic credit is available. More here
    +School Video

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