Spanish Schools In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The Puerto Vallarta Spanish School option #2 is an extension of a major university in Mexico. The Spanish  school staff prides themselves on their capacity to train students who are willing to close the gap between cultures and able to benefit from the diversity and openness that this offers.

The Puerto Vallarta Spanish School provides students with a rigorous and challenging Spanish program taught by experienced university faculty. Due to the fact that this Spanish language school is part of a university, it offers one of the best Spanish language programs found in the country. The facilities are perfect for small group and/or individual instruction and all the teachers work for the university which means they are all well-trained and very qualified.

Academic Credit In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Because the Spanish school is part of a local university students can receive academic credit for courses taken. 3 credit hours per 2 week course. 

The Puerto Vallarta Spanish School was established in 1994 and is located in the heart of the charming colonial section of the city. From the steps of the Spanish school, one is only blocks away from everything of interest, including the excellent beaches.

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Spanish Program Options

Standard Group 4 Spanish Program

  • Learn Spanish in a small group.
  • Never more than 10 students in a Spanish class.
  • 4 classes each day
  • Learn Spanish quickly with the personalized attention a small group offers.
  • Earn academic credit (if needed). 3 credits per 2 week segment
  • Classes are Monday – Friday

Accommodation Options

  • Stay with a local host family
    • Host families are located with 15-30 minutes from the Spanish school.
    • You will receive a private room.
    • When traveling with friends or family you can share a room OR get private rooms in the same host family.
    • 2 meals per day.

Program Prices

Options1 Week2 Weeks3 Weeks4 WeeksExtra 2 Weeks
Group 5 Spanish Program With Host Family Option & 3 Meals Per DayNot Available$1,070Not Available$2,025$950
  • Group Spanish programs have a maximum of 10 students in a class.
  • Host family option includes 2 meals per day.
Note: Classes are arranged in 2 week segments. So you can attend 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, etc.

Start Dates

Spanish Programs and the other programs at the Puerto Vallarta Spanish School start on the following dates: Jan 5, 19, Feb 3, 16, March 2, 17, April 13, 27, May 11, June 1, 15, 29, July 13, 27, Aug 17, 31, Sep 14, 28, Oct 13, 26 Nov 9, 23,  Dec 7

  • If you sign up for our accommodations they will begin on the Sunday prior to your first Monday Class. Accommodations end on the Saturday after your last Friday class of your program.
  • If a holiday falls on a Monday then classes will begin on a Tuesday. You can however still move into your accommodations on Sunday.
  • Classes are NOT made up due to holidays
  • If you require EXTRA nights of accommodations please let us know. Depending on the time of year it may be possible to arrange extra nights.
No classes Jan 1, Feb 2, March 30 to April 10, May 1, Aug 13, 14, Sept 16, Oct 12 Nov 16, Dec 21-31

What Is Included With Your Spanish Program?

  • Accommodations with a local host family (if selected)
  • Private room (you can share a room with a friend or family if you like).
  • 2 meals per day if staying with a host family (if selected)
  • Cultural activities (some have a small fee)
  • Weekend excursion (not free)
  • Academic credit is available. More here
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