General Information and Conditions of Participation

Enrollment in the Program of Your Choice

Spanish Abroad, Inc. recommends that you register as early as possible for any program you are interested in. During certain times of the year, summer for example, classes fill up quickly. By registering in advance, you can insure yourself a spot in one of the programs Spanish Abroad, Inc. is offering.

To register for any program through Spanish Abroad, Inc., you must do the following:

  • Complete an enrollment application. Enrollment applications can be found on our website or in the documentation we mail out.
  • With your completed application include a $90 non-refundable registration fee. The registration fee is NOT included in the program cost and is an additional expense.
  • After you have submitted the registration and been confirmed, you will still need to pay the balance of the program cost PRIOR to the start of your program. You will receive an invoice from us which will allow you to pay the balance of your program online. If you prefer not to pay online you can mail in a check, fax in a payment form, or transfer money to our bank account.

The Application and Confirmation Process

You will normally receive a confirmation by email from our office within 24-48 hours after we receive your registration (except for over the weekend or holidays when our office is closed).

The confirmation email will contain attached files with information about the country you will be traveling to, information about the best way to arrive at your location, and school specific information. Note: Do not purchase an airline ticket until you have received a confirmation from Spanish Abroad, Inc.

In a separate email you will receive an invoice that will allow you to pay the balance of your program online.

In most cases you will receive the information about your specific accommodation about 1 week PRIOR to your START DATE. This information will be sent to you via email (if you do not have email other arrangements can be made).

As soon as you know the details of your arrival (specific flight information, etc.) please contact our office. We need to have this information in order to prepare your accommodations and arrange for airport pickup service if it is available and you have paid for this service.

The confirmation emails contains your enrollment confirmation, provides you with a listing of the costs of your program, will provides accommodation information (if available at that time), and includes any other relevant information about the school and/or your program

** When receiving any correspondence from Spanish Abroad, Inc. please carefully review all information (start date, # of weeks, etc.) to make sure that everything is correct! If you find an error, you must contact our office immediately!


The $90 registration fee paid to Spanish Abroad, Inc. is non-refundable. If Spanish Abroad, Inc. cannot enroll you in the program of your choice, you will be issued a full refund of your registration fee. All other payments made to Spanish Abroad, Inc. are fully refundable if you send us a written cancellation notice more than 21 days prior to your start date.

Note: Your program start date is the day your accommodations or classes start (whichever comes first).

Further Note: If you cancel your program more than 60 days after you paid BUT more than 21 days from your start date, we will refund your payment MINUS the credit card fees we incurred for processing your payment. Our credit card processor refunds us all fees IF a cancelation is made LESS than 60 days after payment. After 60 days, we incur the fee.

Notices received less then 21 days away from your start date will incur a 25% penalty (you will receive your tuition/homestay payment minus a 25% penalty).

In the case of personal emergencies, notify Spanish Abroad, Inc. in writing, and upon review of the particular circumstances, we may issue a partial refund.

If you cancel 4 days (or less) prior your start date you are entitled to no refund. Example: Your accommodations start on Sunday. If you cancel on the Wednesday before that Sunday you will receive NO REFUND. Related to this, any cancellations made on the start date or later also means that you are entitled to no refund from Spanish Abroad, Inc. When you combine 2 or more locations and/or programs, you are entitled to no refund on any program once the first program has begun.

Arrival and Departure Dates

Generally speaking, you should arrive 1 day before classes begin and depart either on the last day of classes, or the day after (we recommend the latter). So plan an arriving on the Sunday prior to your first Monday class and departing on the Saturday after your final Friday class.

For those of you that would like to arrive earlier or stay later, normally it will not be a problem to stay with your host family (or at any other type of accommodations you may have chosen). There will be of course a fee charged for any extra days you require.

**Check with us for full details if you plan on staying longer then the duration of your immersion program.

Note: Certain locations are more difficult than others to get to and therefore you should plan accordingly.

Policies Regarding the Changing of Programs

You have the flexibility to change your program one time after you register (subject to availability). Important Note: If you have already started one of our programs that includes different schools, locations, and/or countries you may not cancel or substitute locations. It may be possible however to still change some of the dates.

Local Holidays

Certain times of the year, classes will be canceled due to local holidays. In these instances, classes will not be made up, and there will be no refund. Local holidays are subject to change without notice.

Modification of Your Program Hours

Certain instances may arise where even though you have signed up for group classes, there may be no other students at your level of Spanish proficiency. The school will then place you in a private class. In these instances, you may find that your total classroom hours will be reduced.

Cultural Activities & Organized Activities

The large majority of the schools will offer students a variety of complimentary activities. Activities may include dance classes, trips to local museums, lectures, etc. For those activities taking place outside the school there may be minor fees the student needs to pay. These extra fees typically cover expenses such as transportation and entrance fees. If a school offers weekend activities such as day trips or full weekend excursions, the student will be responsible for paying the full cost of this excursion.

Text Books & Study Materials

The cost of books and/or study materials are included in your program price for most locations. There are some exceptions to this rule depending on location and/or the length of time of your program. Books at these locations will cost anywhere from $40-60. You should also note that some schools will “lend” books/study materials. In these cases the schools will ask for a deposit that will be refunded to the student upon the return of the books/study materials at the completion of the program.

Schools that Have More than One Location

If you have enrolled in a multi-city program you should be aware of the following. You are responsible for the cost of getting from one location to the next location. If you are at a school that offers multiple locations and decide to change locations, the school may charge you a small change of location fee.

Class Hours

Spanish Abroad, Inc. uses hours per day, lessons per day, sessions per day, and classes per day when describing program options. Under any of these descriptions actual time spent in class will vary from 45-60 minutes per hour (depending on the school). How a school arranges the class break times is up to their discretion. At one of our program for instance (under the Group 4 format), students are in class from 8am to 10am. There is a break from 10am to 10:20am. Classes will then run till 12pm.

Note: Classes typically run during the mornings. However due to scheduling and at certain times of the year a school may schedule classes in the afternoons as well. Schools retain the right to place students in either morning or afternoon classes and will do so at their discretion. If you need to study during a certain time you may request to do so. This request cannot be guaranteed however.


Spanish Abroad, Inc. offers repeat customers a discount on any program we offer. If the student is returning for classes during the same calendar year the registration fee will be waived. When a student returns for classes in the next calendar year they will be required to pay the registration fee but will receive a 10% discount on the price of the language program. Discounts are based on the price of the language program itself. Any excursions, extra nights of accommodation, transportation costs, cultural activities cost, and registration fees are not eligible for a discount. Any executive, specialized program, family program, or 1 week program is also excluded from this discount. Total discount may not exceed $200 per person.

Behavior Expectations

Any participant of a Spanish language immersion program is expected to be courteous and respectful guests. Under no circumstances will illegal drug use be tolerated. Consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors will not be tolerated. Abusive behavior by a participant will not be tolerated. If the language school you are attending is made aware of such a situation, the school reserves the right to refuse to serve and/or terminate the program of any person not abiding by these regulations. In addition if the Spanish language school is notified of a situation where a participant is not complying with the policies of their particular program providers (school, tour operator, program organizer, etc.), or for any other reason deemed necessary, the Spanish language school you are attending reserves the right to terminate your program immediately. It is further noted that the Spanish language school you are attending reserves the right to send home (without an escort or any type of refund) any person who violates the above mentioned rules. Any expenses incurred as the result of any Spanish language school terminating a program will be the responsibility of the participant.

Disclaimer of Liability

Spanish Abroad, Inc. is an independent agent and is not liable for any risks you may encounter during travel to, from, and within the country in which your program is located, at the chosen school or your chosen accommodations, or at any other time or location during your trip. These risks may include, but are not limited to: personal injury, property damage, sickness, accidents, terrorism, and war. By signing the registration form (or by submitting a form online or over the telephone), you are assuming all risks and agreeing to indemnify and hold Spanish Abroad, Inc. and its employees harmless of any and all liability that may arise in any Spanish Abroad, Inc. programs inside and outside of the United States. If you have any question, please feel free to call us.

Privacy Policy

Any customer information that Spanish Abroad, Inc. receives is strictly for our records. Our company does not and will not share this information with any other organization.