Learn Spanish In Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Santiago de Compostela Location: Northwest Corner of Spain (Galicia)

It has been said by many the Santiago de Compostela is Spain’s most beautiful city. The city is located in the region of Spain known as Galicia of which it is the capital. Recognized as the resting place of the Apostle James, Santiago de Compostela has been a travelers destination for centuries. Pilgrims from all over the world have traveled along the famous routes known as the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James) to visit this majestic city. Early on Santiago de Compostela was designated as the third most holiest site in the Christian World after Jerusalem and Rome. Santiago is a city full of history and culture and in 1984 UNESCO designated the city as a World Heritage Site.

A visitor today to Santiago is in for a surprise. This city has maintained an old city quarter that still retains its Medieval glory. Throughout this quarter you will find a maze of narrow and winding streets, exquisite old churches, cathedrals, monasteries, buildings and more. Architecturally you will have the chance to see and explore buildings encompassing a variety of beautiful styles such as: Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, and Neo-Classical. Take your time exploring the old quarter, it is perfect for exploration on foot.

Santiago de Compostela does not just offer historic buildings and museums for the visitor. This city has a major university which give the city an interesting and active cultural life. Additionally throughout the year Santiago plays host to many interesting festivals, concerts, art exhibits and much more.

From Santiago you are just a short distance to quaint seaside towns, beautiful beaches, beautiful countryside, Portugal, and much more!

If you want to visit a unique part of Spain, Santiago de Compostela and the surrounding area are a wonderful place to visit and to learn Spanish in!

Things To See And Do In The Area

  • Visit the historic medieval quarter
  • Explore the Cathedral
  • Great local food
  • Vibrant nightlife
  • Check out the beautiful countryside
  • Get out to some beach towns or Portugal
  • And much…much…more!

We are confident that learning Spanish at the Santiago de Compostela Spanish School will be a wonderful experience!

Getting To Santiago de Compostela, Spain

  • There are a limited number of international flights into Santiago de Compostela
  • Fly into Madrid or Barcelona and catch an internal flight
  • Take a train or bus from Madrid

If you have questions about how to arrive into Santiago de Compostela, Spain please do not hesitate to contact us.