Spanish Schools In Santiago, Chile

The Santiago Spanish School is located in the quiet and upscale area of Providenica, which is an elegant shopping district located between downtown Santiago and the beautiful residential neighborhood of Las Condes. The Santiago Spanish School is located a few minutes walk away from the metro system, which means our students have easy access to virtually and part of Santiago, Chile. With years of experience, the Spanish school is renowned for the quality and range of Spanish immersion programs offered.

Since its founding, the Santiago Spanish School has focused on providing students with the best possible Spanish immersion experience. From Spanish programs in group or private class setting, this school has it all. Heavy emphasis is placed on providing personalized attention to every Spanish student to make sure everyone can not only learn Spanish quickly, but discover the best that Santiago and Chile has to offer. You can study and learn Spanish for as short as a week or decide to stay a number of months. Customize the Spanish program to fit your specific needs. Learn Spanish at your pace and/or cover the topics you wish to cover.

We find the teachers and staff to be extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable, which shows in everything the Spanish language school does. This attitude contributes in large part to the fact that over 50% of all students go to this school based upon the references of past students.

Besides offering great Spanish programs, this Spanish school has some of the better facilities found anywhere in South America. As with many of our other schools, the Spanish language school not only provides general Spanish language study, but can also provide specialized programs for businesspeople, medical personnel, lawyers, etc. Check with us for more details about these specialized Spanish programs.

Spanish & Ski Program In Santiago, Chile
A wonderful program! Learn Spanish at the Spanish school during the weekdays. Then on your free weekends ski on both Saturday’s and Sunday’s. What could be better than that? The package (per week) includes: 2 day passes, lift and transfer tickets for the weekend.

If you are looking for a unique place to learn Spanish then you should strongly consider the Santiago Spanish School in Chile. You will learn Spanish in a wonderful part of the world!

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Spanish Program Options

Standard Group 4 Spanish Program

  • Study & Learn Spanish in a small group setting.
  • No more than 8 individuals in a Spanish class.
  • A very effective way to learn Spanish
  • Classes are Monday – Friday

Private 4 Spanish Programs

  • The most intensive Spanish program option.
  • The best choice for those who wish to learn Spanish as rapidly as possible.
  • Learn general Spanish or work on topics of interest to you.
  • You can design this course to fit your very specific needs.

Spanish & Ski Program

  • Study and learn Spanish during the week.
  • 16 group PLUS 2 private Spanish lessons per week.
  • 2 lift tickets.
  • Transportation to and from the ski resort.

Accommodation Options

  • Stay with a local host family
    • Host families are located with 10-25 minutes from the Spanish school.
    • You receive a private room.
    • When traveling with friends or family you can share a room OR get private rooms in the same host family.
    • 2 meals per day.
    • Private bath option is an extra $60 per week.
    • Special diet is an extra $40 per week.
  • Share an residence with other students
    • Private room in a shared apartment.
    • Share common areas.
    • No meals.
    • WiFi and Cable TV included
    • Located  between 10-25 minutes from the Spanish school.
    • From June 14 to Aug 9 there is a $50 per week high season supplement.

Program Prices

Options1 Week2 Weeks3 Weeks4 WeeksExtra Wk(s)
Standard Group 4 Spanish Program With Shared Residence Option NO MEALS$590$1,080$1,570$2,060$490
Standard Group 4 Spanish Program With Host Family Option & 2 Meals Per Day$630$1,160$1,690$2,220$530
Private 4 Spanish Program With Shared Residence Option NO MEALS$940$1,780$2,620$3,460$840
Private 4 Spanish Program With Host Family Option & 2 Meals Per Day$980$1,860$2,740$3,620$880
Add Ski Program To Any Program Above$280$560$840$1,120$280
  • Group Spanish programs have a maximum of 8 students in a class.
  • Host family option includes 2 meals per day.
  • No meals if you opt for the shared apartment option.
  • Private bath with host family is an extra $60 per week.
  • Early or late check in to accommodations (before 9am or after 8pm) $40
  • Airport pickup $70

Start Dates & Holidays

Spanish Programs and the other programs at the Santiago Spanish School start EVERY Monday of the year.

  • If you sign up for our accommodations they will begin on the Sunday prior to your first Monday Class. Accommodations end on the Saturday after your last Friday class of your program.
  • If a holiday falls on a Monday then classes will begin on a Tuesday. You can however still move into your accommodations on Sunday.
  • Classes are NOT made up due to holidays
  • If you require EXTRA nights of accommodations please let us know. Depending on the time of year it may be possible to arrange extra nights.

School will be closed and lessons will not be refunded due to holidays; a conversation club will be organized to compensate for the hours lost due to the holidays listed below:

Apr 19*; Jun 29; Ago 15; Sep 19; Oct 9; Oct 27; Nov 1; Dec 8.  (Apr 19 is subject to change)

The school will also be closed on the following dates; classes which fall on these dates will not be refunded nor compensated with conversation clubs

Apr 14; May 1; Sep 18, Dec 25

What Is Included With Your Spanish Program?

  • Accommodations with a local host family (if selected)
  • Private room (you can share a room with a friend or family if you like).
  • 2 meals per day if staying with a host family (if selected)
  • Accommodations in a shared residence (if selected)
  • Private room in a shared residence (if selected)
  • School materials
  • Wi-Fi at the school
  • Cultural activities (small fee per most activities)
  • The option to participate in weekend excursions (not free)
  • Academic credit is available. More here
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