Specialized Spanish Programs

Spanish Abroad, Inc. is proud to be able to offer some very interesting Specialized Spanish Program options.

The following are some of our more popular specialized course offerings. If you or your organization requires a type of program not listed below, please contact us. We can and do arrange custom Spanish program on an ongoing basis.

DELE Exam Preparation

DELE stands for “Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera”. These diplomas are the only officially accredited qualifications issued by the Ministry of Education, Social Policies and Sports of Spain that are administered internationally and recognized worldwide by private companies, chambers of commerce and public and private educational systems and centers.

Find out more about our DELE Exam Preparation Locations

Executive Spanish Programs

For most individuals, the standard and intensive courses offered by Spanish Abroad, Inc. at our schools are perfect and will suit most needs very easily.

However, if you need something very intensive or very specific, require the best facilities and teachers, demand the best accommodations, have a need to stay in contact with your office on a constant basis, then there are certain programs and locations that are better than others.

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Group Spanish Programs

Spanish Abroad, Inc. offers group Spanish program in Latin America and Spain for a wide range of groups that would like travel together, learn Spanish, and enjoy the full immersion experience, as a group. We have sent many Spanish groups to destinations throughout Latin America & Spain.

Utilize our experience and expertise to create a group program that will meet the specific needs of your group.

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Spanish & Soccer Camps In Spain

Spanish Abroad, Inc. offers a new and exciting Spanish & Soccer Camp programs for teens in San Sebastian and Madrid, Spain. These camps are offered during the summer and is a nice option for teens who want to play with some of the best soccer players in their age group.

Find out more about our Spanish & Soccer Camp in San Sebastian or our Spanish & Soccer Camp in Madrid.

Training for Spanish Teachers

As Spanish becomes increasing important, the need for qualified Spanish language teachers grows. Spanish Abroad, Inc. along with many of our partner Spanish language schools have set up specialized Spanish Teacher Training Programs.

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