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Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Hello Spanish Abroad,

I just wanted to give you some feedback on my and my families experience in Costa Rica in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. As for accommodations, it was a positive experience from the start. We were greeted, as promised, at the airport for a smooth pick-up and delivery to the school where we took our initial Spanish level assessment test. We then met our Tico families who then drove us the short distance home. The host family stay was a great experience and gave me and my family a wonderful glimpse into what life is like for the average Tico family in Costa Rica. The last 2 weeks (of our 4.5 week stay) we spent at the quaint, clean, comfortable, and conveniently located La Luna Llena bungalow accommodations not far from the school. The director of the school was very accommodating to everyone’s needs and wishes and assured appropriate student-instructor matches from week-to-week as we progressed through the program. We all progressed smoothly through the weekly programs to the next levels and were able to comfortably hold our own in Spanish conversation. Of particular note, my oldest daughter just began her second year of college Spanish and was a bit nervous initially because she was told that the instructor conducts classes entirely in Spanish. She was/is pleasantly surprised to find that she understands everything said and done in class, and she directly attributes this to her immersion experience this past summer. My son Brandon really excelled after completing 3-years of the traditional  high school Spanish instruction prior to attending your program. He had the “book smarts” but lacked the practical everyday “street smarts” usage of the language. Within the first week he grasped the practical aspects of the language and became nearly fluent by the end of our 4 weeks of study. He has just begun his 4th year of high school Spanish and is now way ahead of his peers compared to where he was prior to attending your program.

Aside from the outstanding Spanish instruction we received, the surf program run by Alex was also outstanding for our 13 year old daughter, Carissa, who had never surfed before. Alex and Sonia coordinated the Spanish lessons and surf lessons around the best surf times/conditions so that Carissa could get the most out of both programs. For a very competitive price, Alex’s surf program included 2 weeks of surfboard use, 2 days a week of individualized surf instruction, 1 day a week of video analysis and instructional feedback, and daily surf trips. I would challenge anyone to find such a comprehensive “surf-package” at the rates he charges. Carissa had a blast and at the end of her 2 weeks, was on her way with the essential tools necessary to enjoy this popular sport and past-time. Thanks to the coordinated and cooperative work efforts of Sonia and Alex, this was time well spent at an unbeatable bargain rate.

I would be remiss if I did not also commend Hugh on his abilities to organize and advise school participants on maximizing their “extracurricular” activities. Thanks to Hugh, I and my family were able to maximize our time getting familiar with the country of Costa Rica, as well as a glimpse into Nicaragua. We made weekend trips that included a weekend trip into Nicaragua, Costa Rican rainforest “zip-line” touring, horseback riding, inner-tubing, and mud-baths. Each of these excursions took us through parts of the region that we may not have seen or appreciated otherwise. One particular highlight was taking a rental car and driving on our own cross-country from Playa Tamarindo to Turrialba for white water rafting on the Pacuare River. The drive itself was an adventure that provided a good overview and appreciation for the “lay of the land”, and the rafting experience was merely the “icing on the cake”. Indeed, when one thinks of Costa Rica, they think of what we saw and did on the Pacuare River that weekend. All of these were made possible (and with ease) thanks in large part, if not entirely, to the assistance and efforts of Hugh with his exceptional “people skills” and well established networking contacts throughout Costa Rica and Central America.

As someone who works in the “services” profession, I am all too aware that good work rarely gets rewarded and/or recognized. It is usually the rare “complainers” that draw everyone’s attention if for no other reason other than the mere lack of positive comments from the overwhelming majority of “satisfied customers”. On those far-and-in-between occasions that a satisfied customer has taken the the time to provide some positive words of “thanks” , each time has been refreshing and uplifting and has provided me the encouragement to continue doing a good job. Please share these positive words with everyone at Spanish Abroad and the school, and any others as you see fit so that we can encourage and reward work well done.

With sincerest thanks,
Mike C. and Family

Antigua, Guatemala

Bogota, Colombia

Malaga, Spain