Spanish Schools In Sucre, Bolivia

Sucre Location: Capital of the Department of Chuquisaca (South-Central Region Of Bolivia)

Sucre is said by many to be Bolivia’s most beautiful and historic city. The “White City” as it is frequently called due to the color of its colonial buildings is located in a valley surrounded by low mountains. The temperature of Sucre is mild and comfortable throughout the year. While Sucre is the officially the capital of Bolivia, with the exception of the Supreme Court, all other government functions are handled in La Paz.

Spending time at a Spanish school in Sucre will give you the chance to discover an interesting city. Sucre has a very colonial feel to it while at the same time it has a feeling of energy to it due to the presence of the local university. Walking through Sucre you will find the locals doing what the like best. Spending time socializing in the main plaza, walking through the parks, or spending time in the multitude of cafes and bars located seemingly everywhere.

Adding to the charm of Sucre are the local dress and customs of the indigenous people who reside in this region of Bolivia. In and around Sucre are a variety of interesting markets where you can buy some excellent local products. In many of the markets you can observe as locals do what they have done for centuries, bartering for the items they are interested in.

Sucre itself is home to some very interesting museums, monuments, and buildings. Immediately outside of Sucre is  a cement quarry where dinosaur tracks are now on display. Around Sucre you can still walk some of the old Inca trails.  The city to this day remains a center of learning. Both Sucre and the university enjoy reputations as centers of progressive thought within Bolivia.

Sucre offers something for every visitor. We are sure you will enjoy your stay in the city at the Sucre Spanish School.

Things To See And Do In The Area

  • See some amazing colonial style architecture.
  • Visit local markets.
  • Participate in local fiestas.
  • Travel to nearby local towns and villages.
  • Visit museums.
  • See historic churches and convents.
  • Travel to the Sunday market at Tarabuco.
  • Check out the dinosaur tracks.
  • Eat some great local food.
  • Night life.
  • And much…much…more!

Going to a Spanish school in Sucre, Bolivia will surely be educational and interesting!

Getting To Sucre, Bolivia

You can either fly into Sucre or take a bus (flying is RECOMMENDED).

  • Fly into La Paz and then get a connecting flight into Sucre
  • Take a bus from La Paz (14+ hours)

If you have questions about how to arrive into Sucre, Bolivia please do not hesitate to to contact us.