Financial Aid For Swedish Students

Spanish Abroad, Inc. receives many Swedish students each year who utilize the student aid available through CSN in order to pay for their Spanish program in Spain. Swedish students pay little money up front when utilizing the study abroad aid for their Spanish programs.

All Swedish students who meet a few basic requirements can receive financial aid through Centrala Studiestöds Nämnden. Our Spanish programs in Spain have the authorization to provide Spanish courses to Swedish student that would like to use their student aid to fund their study abroad program (Studera Utomlands).

CSN requires that you study for a minimum of 13 hours per week with 20 hours/Week. You must complete a final exam and be in attendance for the classes at least 80% of the time that you are studying Spanish in Spain.

Swedish (Svensk) students can receive two forms of aid which combined can pay for almost all of their Spanish immersion program. Swedish students can receive grant money that does not need to be repaid in the amount of about 600 SEK per week. This is around $80 USD per week.

Several loans are also available to pay for the remainder of costs for the Spanish program. The standard loan is around 1,500 SEK per week, which isabout $205 USD per week for a grand total of aid equal to about 2,100 SEK per week or $285 USD per week. Additonal loans can be arranged for travel related aid as well as tuition costs at your home University.

Swedish students that wish to learn Spanish in Spain (Spanska i Spanien) and utilize this aid can view full information on this program at the following link:

You can download the needed document that you must submit to receive the aid at the following link: CSN Documents

We have provided a price guide below for our Spanish courses and related accommodations in Spain. Each of the programs listed offers a Spanish school that is authorized by CSN (CSN Berättigad). These Spanish schools in Spain are located in Barcelona, Granada, Malaga, Madrid, Nerja, Salamanca,San Sebastian, Sevilla, and Valencia. You can click on the city to go directly to the Spanish program and view the course start dates and further information about the Spanish school and its courses and accommodation options.

All Swedish students need to note in comments section of their registration form that they will be applying for aid through CSN.