Tapas are a great way to discover the food in Spain.

Going out for tapas is one of the favorite pastimes of our students all over Spain.

What are tapas? Tapas are essentially a small snack or appetizer. Many bars around Spain offer tapas, and each region offers something unique. The type of food can vary. Tapas can range from seafood to potatoes to bread with olive oil and tomatoes. In the past in many places you could get tapas for free when you ordered a drink. That tradition has gone away and you will pay for what you eat.

Many of our students stop by various locations trying one or two tapas before moving on to another location for more tapas.

It is a great way to try various types of Spanish food, while hanging out with your new friends from the Spanish school.

Check out our Spanish school in Salamanca, Spain. The school is located in the heart of Salamanca which means you can find all sorts of places that offer tapas.