Teen & Family Spanish Programs In Latin America & Spain

Spanish Abroad Inc. has developed a great reputation for the Spanish immersion programs that it provides families, couples, and friends that want to study abroad and learn Spanish together. National Geographic had a nice mention about our Costa Rica program here.

The information provided concerning our Family Spanish Programs in Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, and Spain will help you understand how our Spanish Immersion programs work given the various needs of families and friends.

In some cases due to Spanish language level or type of family Spanish program it may only be possible for children to take classes at separate times than the parents. Different programs may allow your family to take Spanish classes only in the morning or only in the afternoon.

If you are unsure how these arrangements would work in your situation, please feel free to contact the representatives of Spanish Abroad Inc. for clarification on the location and school of your choosing.

Some locations where we have created Set Family Spanish Programs are in:
Tamarindo, Costa Rica
San Sebastian Spain
Antigua Guatemala
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Note: If one of the locations where we have a set Family Spanish Program in place is not of interest to you, please contact us. We can and do arrange Family Spanish Programs in other locations as well. 

Course Options for Adults

Adult Group Spanish Courses: Group Spanish courses can be taken in conjunction with a family program at ANY of our Spanish language schools that will accept children. If you are unsure which locations accept children please contact us.

Adult Private Spanish Instruction: Private Spanish Instruction can be taken in conjunction with a family program at ANY of our Spanish language schools that will accept minors. Private Spanish instruction is an appropriate option if you want to share the courses with your children when they are not old enough for the adult group Spanish classes. It is possible to combine private Spanish instruction with group Spanish courses if time permits in your schedule.

Private Spanish instruction in Latin America will cost around $18-$25 per hour depending on the Spanish language school’s location. Private Spanish instruction in Spain can be expensive, but may still be arranged.

Course Options for Children (18 years and younger)

Teen Spanish Programs: Teen Spanish courses are available for students 14-17 years old in Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain. Parents can take Spanish classes at the same Spanish language school utilizing the adult Spanish course options.

Customized family Spanish program pricing can be given if the family does not want their child to use the family Spanish program accommodations that are included in the Teen Spanish Program. The activities included in the Teen Spanish Programs can be reduced to fit the needs of the family schedule.

Teen Spanish Program Locations can be found here:
Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Heredia and Samara, Costa Rica
San Jose, Costa Rica
Cuernavaca, Mexico
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Barcelona, Spain
Cadiz, Spain
Granada, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Malaga, Spain
San Sebastian, Spain
Seville, Spain
Tarragona, Spain
Valencia, Spain
Vejer, Spain

Spanish Camp Programs: These are similar to Teen Spanish Programs. The main difference is our Spanish Camps offer 100% supervision, and in many cases students get to meet and do excursions with Spaniards. Parents can take Spanish classes at the same Spanish language school utilizing the adult Spanish course options.

Spanish Camp Locations:
Barcelona, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Marbella, Spain
Salamanca, Spain

Adult Group Spanish Courses: Children who are 16 and older can be accepted in the Adult Group Spanish Courses at many Spanish language schools in Latin America and Spain. Maturity of the student plays a major factor in deciding if a teenager should take Spanish classes with adults.

Child Group Spanish Courses: Children who are 7 years and older can attend group Spanish classes in Tamarindo, Costa Rica at adult rates. There are also group Spanish courses for children in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on select dates in the summer. We also arrange group Spanish classes for children at our children camps in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and San Sebastian, Spain.

Child Private Spanish Instruction: Private Spanish instruction for children can be taken in conjunction with our Spanish programs at most locations in Latin America and Spain. This option can be used if a Teen Spanish Program is not available and the children are too young for the Group Spanish Courses. Private Spanish instruction may not be available during the high season of select Spanish language school locations.

Family Spanish Program Childcare: We can help make various arrangements upon request for childcare in Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, and Guatemala as well as other locations where are family Spanish programs locations are available if your children are too young to attend Spanish classes. The child care options can vary by location. Final arrangements are best made upon arrival so that on site approval can be taken into account. Please notify Spanish Abroad if you want to use childcare in conjunction with your Family Spanish program in Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Spain or other Spanish language school location.

Family Spanish Program Accommodations

Host Family: In Latin America and Spain a host family can be shared by the whole family at most Spanish language school locations even if it is not available with a Teen Spanish program.

Teen Spanish Camp Residence: The Teen Spanish Camp Residence can be used in conjunction with a Family Spanish Program in Spain if it is included with the Teen Spanish Program. The parents can choose from any Spanish family program accommodation options  our Spanish language school offers, while their children stay at the Spanish camp.

Private Apartment: A private apartment can be used in conjunction with a Family Spanish Program in Mexico, Spain, and Costa Rica. Spanish Abroad, Inc. can provide estimates for the private apartment, but final reservations will not be made until after the family Spanish courses have been confirmed. A private apartment allows for independence and can be relatively inexpensive for a large family in comparison to other accommodations offered with the Family Spanish Program.

Hotel: Spanish Abroad Inc. can help arrange hotel accommodations in Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and other Spanish language school locations upon request. Suggestions are only given based on price and proximity to our partner Spanish language school. Families may also make their own accommodation arrangements in Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, and other locations.