Teen Spanish Program In Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Spain. It is a fascinating city full of history, culture and energy. It is Spain’s most cosmopolitan city and is the capital of the Catalan region of the country. The city is bilingual which means that signs, etc. are in both Spanish and in Catalan. Despite that EVERYONE speaks Spanish which means Barcelona is a great place to participate in a Teen Spanish Program.

The Teen Spanish Program in Barcelona is popular with those teens who wan to experience city life AND have a chance to enjoy the local city beaches. Essentially our Teen Spanish students get the best of both worlds, relaxation and culture.

With great public transportation (metro and bus) getting around Barcelona is easy and inexpensive. This city is not for everyone, but if you have a mature teen, you certainly should consider our Teen Spanish Program in Barcelona.

Teen Spanish Program

The Teen Spanish Program in Barcelona, Spain is located in the upscale residential and shopping district known as L’Eixample. It is the heart of Barcelona and just minutes away from the most famous street in Spain, Las Ramblas. This street is surrounded by cafes, bars, shops, museums, and always has people walking around. You will see street performers, artists, live music and more. Furthermore most other sites of interest in Barcelona are a short distance away either on foot or through the use of public transportation.

The facilities at the Teen Spanish Program in Barcelona are modern and comfortable. There are break rooms, internet access, a library, a student lounge, and a small cafeteria. Spanish classes run 4 classes per day. All instructors have university degrees along with many years of teaching experience.

This is a large program and there are not ONLY teens here. The school runs adult courses throughout the year as well. As such this program is for mature teens 16 yrs and over who will participate in courses with adults.

The Teen Spanish Program in Barcelona, Spain is a well-regarded Spanish program that we are proud to offer.


Accommodations are with a local Spanish host family. Host families are typically within about 20-30 minutes from the Teen Spanish Program in Barcelona by public transport. Host families provide breakfast and dinner. Teen Spanish Students will need to pay for their own lunch.

Given the distance to the Teen Spanish Program in Barcelona, the MINIMUM AGE for this program is 16 yrs of age. Be sure that you feel your teen is mature enough to travel by themselves in a large city.

Host families in Barcelona can be a bit formal which sometimes can feel a bit rude if you are not familiar with the culture. That said we feel the host families do a wonderful job and are an important part of the Teen Spanish Program in Barcelona, Spain.

Program Prices

What is included? 

  • 4 Spanish classes per day (M-F)
  • Host family accommodations (private room)
  • 2 meals each day
  • Weekday afternoon activities. Most weekday activities are included in the course fee. Entrance fees and transportation are not included.
  • 2 weekend excursions per month. Students will pay for cost of excursions.
  • Round trip pick up and drop off at the airport in Barcelona $240


  • 1 week: $550
  • 2 weeks: $1,105
  • 3 weeks: $1,645
  • 4 weeks: $2,185
  • Extra week(s): $530

Excursions & Activities

The Teen Spanish Program in Barcelona has created a nice activity and excursion component in addition to the Spanish lessons offered by the program.

School staff from the Spanish school are on hand during the activities and excursions. Barcelona itself has plenty of things to see and do, and the Teen Spanish Program helps the teens to get to know the city. Additionally there are some excursions outside the city as well.

Sample Weekly Schedule:


Morning – Spanish Lessons
Afternoon – Orientation and then a tour of the Ancient Quarter in Barcelona


Morning – Spanish Lessons
Afternoon – Swimming


Morning – Spanish Lessons
Afternoon –  Visit La Sagrada Familia


Morning – Spanish Lessons
Afternoon -Movie and dancing


Morning – Spanish Lessons
Afternoon – Relax at the beach


10:00 a.m. Excursion (sample listing below)


Free Day with Host family and other students in Barcelona

Sample Excursions:

Port Aventura, Figueres (Salvador Dali Museum)

Teen Spanish Program Start Dates

Start dates for the Teen Spanish Program in Barcelona, Spain are as follows:

Any Monday throughout the year.

Accommodations start on Sundays and end on Saturday

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