Teen Spanish Program In Dominical, Costa Rica

Dominical is a typical beach town found on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. It is an ideal setting for a Teen Spanish Program in Costa Rica. The town of Domincal has less than 1k residents and the surrounding area is well-known for its natural beauty and abundance of outdoor activities. The main attraction however is the beach and that is within walking distance of where the Teen Spanish Program is held. The area is very popular with surfers and those who want to learn how to surf.

The area is really a nature lovers paradise. In and around the area students will have the chance to see a variety of local wildlife including various species of monkeys, countless birds, iguanas, etc. Dominical itself is somewhat off the normal tourist path. With one small unpaved road, there is little traffic through the town. However there are some typical Costa Rican shops, restaurants and businesses worth checking out.

Overall we consider Dominical to be an interesting and safe location to host our Teen Spanish Program.

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Classes are held at our language school in Dominical. The lodge where the teens stay is within walking distance of the Spanish school. The Spanish classes are FULL immersion (everything is in Spanish). Monday through Friday 20 Spanish classes are offered . All materials for the Spanish course are included. Refreshments are provided for the teens during breaks.

Classes are divided up by level of Spanish. Teens will be placed in classes with other teens who have similar levels of Spanish language proficiency.

During the surf program students will be teamed up with local surf guides. Most surfing will be around Playa Dominical. However there will be surf expeditions to other prime surfing spots in the area. Students will have access to quality surf boards, surf lessons and transportation. There will be a 2 day surf adventure tour to Pavones.

As our commitment to the environment and to give back to the local community we expect students, counselors and guides to participate in weekly beach clean ups.

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Lodging for the Teen Spanish Program in Dominical will be at the Hotel Villas Rio Mar. It is a nice 3 star hotel/resort which is located on the shore of the Rio Baru. The hotel has a number of comfortable bungalows, a pool, tennis court, nice landscaping, and a traditional style restaurant.

Students will stay at the hotel every night during the program EXCEPT those times when there is an overnight excursion. Each bungalow will house 2-3 students. All meals are included in the program. There are always on site camp directors.

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What is included? 

  • 4 Spanish classes per day (M-F)
  • Lodging
  • 3 meals each day
  • Surf classes (2 hours each). Includes rash guards and board rental
  • Afternoon activities and weekend tours
  • Airport pickup and drop off


  • 1 week: $1,695
  • 2 weeks: $3,390
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Dominical is well-known in the surfing community for great waves throughout the year. After classes on most days the teens will receive surf instruction. On Fridays the afternoon will consists of free surfing (all gear included) along with a director on hand. Additionally the Teen Spanish Program in Dominical, Costa Rica will offer interesting cultural activities, salsa dance classes, and Costa Rica cooking classes. Each there is a movie night, and for those who want to do some volunteer work, beach cleanup is arranged on Fridays.

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Start dates for the Teen Spanish Program in Dominical, Costa Rica are as follows:

June 19 and 26. The last day of the program is July 4th.

Accommodations start on Sunday with arrival in San Jose, no later than 1PM.

Departure is on the Saturday after the completion of their program.

Airport pickup and drop off in San Jose, Costa Rica.



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