Teen Spanish Program In Madrid, Spain

The heartbeat of Spain is Madrid. This lively city is the center of all that is Spain. Home to some of the most important museums in Europe along with the Royal Palace, Madrid is the cultural center of Spain. For those teens that like a larger urban environment, the Teen Spanish Program in Madrid is an excellent choice. Every part of Madrid has something interesting to offer. There are museums, restaurants, cafes, shopping districts, historic building and much more!

Despite the size of Madrid, we have found the Teen Spanish Program in Madrid to be a safe location. Most students arrive on their own, which means meeting other students at the Teen Spanish Program to be easy. If they are not in class, teens are spending time with other teens in activities offered by the program or exploring the city themselves. And of course the staff at the Teen Spanish Program in Madrid are always there to help.

Teen Spanish Program

The Teen Spanish Program in Madrid is centrally located in the city and just minutes from the famous Retiro Park. This is one of our largest Spanish schools in Spain and offers some of the nicest and most modern facilities found anywhere. The facilities include a cyber cafe, a cafeteria, common break areas with TV, a study room, and a nice library. Combine excellent teaching along with these facilities and we are sure you will find that the Teen Spanish Program in Madrid to be an excellent choice for a Spanish immersion program.

Over the years the Teen Spanish Program in Madrid has earned a reputation as a quality Spanish program. To maintain the high standards, teachers receive ongoing training to ensure the latest teaching techniques are utilized.

 If you are looking for a contemporary environment with a professional staff, then this is a great school for a big city program.


Stay with a local host family in Madrid. These families have been working with the Spanish school in Madrid for a number of years. Most are located within 20 minutes (on foot) from the Teen Spanish Program in Madrid. Most families consist of a host mother. The host families are also centrally located within Madrid which means most sites of interest are very close.

Host families are a place where students can learn a bit more about the culture of Spain AND also have another place where they can practice their Spanish. Host families provide some supervision AND enforce curfews.

Double room accommodations are standard for this program. Teens will share a room with another teen in the program.

Program Prices

What is included? 

  • 4 Spanish classes per day (M-F)
  • Host family accommodations (double room)
  • 3 meals each day
  • Activities (cultural, sports, etc.)
  • Round trip airport pickup and drop off


  • 1 week: N/A
  • 2 weeks: $1,620
  • 3 weeks: $2,320
  • 4 weeks: $2,950
  • Extra week: $650

Excursions & Activities

The Teen Spanish Program in Madrid offers activities in ADDITION to the Spanish language classes. The activities and excursions are designed to allow the teens to learn about the culture and history of Spain. Activities include guided visits to sites of interest, cooking and or dancing classes, visits to museums.

Sample Weekly Schedule:


Morning – Spanish Lessons
Afternoon – Guided tour of Madrid – Visit “La Casa de la Villa”


Morning – Spanish Lessons
Afternoon – Visit the stadium where Real Madrid plays


Morning – Spanish Lessons
Afternoon –  Visit the Museo del Prado


Morning – Spanish Lessons
Afternoon – Sports


Morning – Spanish Lessons
Afternoon – Dance classes


10:00 a.m. Excursion (sample listing below), Evening at Light Disco


Free Day with Host family and other students in Madrid.

Sample Excursions:

Visits to  Toledo, Segovia, Avila, El Escorial

Teen Spanish Program Start Dates

Program dates for the Teen Spanish Program in Madrid, Spain are as follows:

Program Runs from June 25th to Aug 26th

Start ANY Monday from June 25 to Aug 6

Accommodations start on Sundays and end on Saturday

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