Teen Spanish Program Heredia And Samara Costa Rica

    Teen Spanish Program In Heredia and Samara, Costa Rica

    Heredia is a wonderful place to host a Teen Spanish Program in Costa Rica. Located just minutes from the capital city of San Jose, Hereida is a nice town that offers a very typical Costa Rican experience. The school itself is modern and comfortable.

    The first week of the Teen Spanish Program will be held in Heredia.

    The 2nd week the teens will go to the beautiful beach town of Samara. Samara is wonderful town and the beach and rainforest in this area of Costa Rica is simply amazing. The town itself is on the Pacific in the Guanacaste region of the country.

    We feel that Heredia and Samara, Costa Rica are excellent locations to host a Teen Spanish Program.

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    +Teen Spanish Program

    The Teen Spanish Program in Heredia and Samara is available during the summer months only. The summer camp is available to teens ranging from 13 to 17 years of age. Participants come from all over the world. The program offers Spanish classes, sports activities, workshops, and cultural experiences and excursions.

    The actual Teen Spanish Program consists of a 2  week Spanish course plus activity program. Each morning (M-F) teens will take 4 Spanish lesson. In the afternoons and evening the school arranges activities, volunteer projects and excursions.

    Teens are escorted to and from all activities with their bilingual chaperone.

    Classes are broken up based on language level. All the teachers are native Spanish speakers who have been teaching Spanish for years.


    Teens will be staying with local Costa Rican host families. Families are all carefully selected and are generally within a short walk from the Spanish school. Teens will receive a private bedroom along with 2 meals per day with the family. Lunch will be provided at local restaurants.

    Living with a local host family is a great opportunity to learn more about Costa Rican culture while also having another place where teens can practice their Spanish.  There is a curfew that is enforced for all of our Teen Spanish Students.

    +Program Prices

    What is included? 

    • 4 Spanish classes per day (M-F)
    • Host family accommodations (private room)
    • 3 meals each day
    • Afternoon activities
    • A trip to Jaco and Manuel Antonio National Park
    • Airport pickup and drop off
    • Supervision in the school, host family and activity program


    • 2 week price is $2,750
    +What You Will Do

    Sample Weekly Schedule:

    • Breakfast with the homestay family
    • Morning activity (ex. Volunteer activity, Poás Volcano, surf lesson, local eco-hike, Latin dance class, local cooking class, La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Chocolate or coffee tour, arts and crafts class, Spanish movie)
    • Lunch at local restaurant with other teens and chaperone
    • Spanish Class from 1:30pm to 5:30pm
    • Dinner with host family
    • Between the first and second week, take a trip to: Jacó and Manuel Antonio National Park

    Examples of Volunteer Projects

    • Local School
    • Animal Shelter
    • Beach / Park  Clean-ups
    • Community Beautification
    • Elderly Care

    +Teen Spanish Program Start Dates

    Our teen summer camp starts on Sunday.

    • Students should book their flights to arrive to SJO (San José Airport) on Sunday, July 9th and depart from SJO on Sunday, July 23rd.
    • If your teen should like to arrive earlier or stay later, they may do so.  Their host family will be responsible for them and the fee is $35 per night.  There are no organized activities on these additional days and lunch is not included.