Teen Spanish Program In Seville, Spain

Spanish Abroad is happy to offer 2 fantastic Teen Spanish Programs this year in Seville. For years we have offered our standard Teen Spanish course in Seville, which has been very successful. Every summer teens from around the world come to study and learn Spanish in the fascinating city of Seville.

This year we are proud to announce the addition of our Teen Spanish & Soccer Program in Seville, Spain. This program will be very similar to our standard Teen Spanish Program offered in this city. The difference? Teens have the chance to participate in a wonderful soccer program. Teens will have a chance to visit and explore the 2 main stadiums used by professional soccer teams in Seville. They will also have at least 3 practices per week with professional Spanish club trainers/coaches. Teens will also be playing in a series of friendly matches vs other teen clubs in the region. Find out more below.

Overview of Seville

We feel that Seville is easily one of the best cities to spend time in while in the Andalusia region of Spain. The city of Seville is famous for its distinctive culture and rich history. Factor in the stunning architecture found in the historic part of Seville, and you have a place that over the years participants in our Teen Spanish Program have raved about.

No matter where you go to in this charming city, there is always something new to discover!

What else? The location of Seville is close to many other great places in Andalusia. Participants in the Teen Spanish Program will visit many of these places either on a half day or full day excursion.

Seville is a city that has proven to be a very popular with our Teen Spanish Program participants. From safety, to the program itself, to all the city and region offers, this is a great place to study and learn Spanish in.

Teen Spanish Program

The Teen Spanish Program in Seville has well over 2 decades worth of experience, and is one of our most highly regarded programs in Spain. The school has over this time welcomed thousands of teens from around the world who participate in this program during the summer month. Most of the staff running the Teen Spanish Program in Seville have been running this particular program for quite a long time. It is always nice to see familiar faces when we return year after year. 

The Teen Spanish Program in Seville is run in a school building which we think may be one of the nicest we have seen in Spain. The style of architecture is very typical of Sevilla. Everything surrounds a beautiful open air courtyard where students love to relax and socialize before and after classes. The location is also ideal, just minutes from most major sites of interest in Seville.

The director of the Teen Spanish Program has over a decade of experience in working with teens. The instructors are rated very highly in evaluations. The on site staff organizes all aspects of the classes, the accommodations, and the various activities and excursions.

Given the success of the school they have branched out with a new school, which host the teen program we offer in Cadiz.

The Spanish school is offering two different Teen Spanish Programs. 

Program Options

Option 1: 4 Spanish lessons per day (M-F) are offered as part of the standard Teen Spanish Program.

Option 2: Spanish & Soccer Program. Like the program above, teens will take 4 Spanish lessons per day. They will also have a chance to participate in the soccer portion. That includes: visits to the Sevilla FC and Real Betis stadiums, soccer training and friendly matches, and 2 training kits. The soccer training will be 3 times per week and will run roughly 2 hours each session. Open to boys and girls.


Accommodations with a local host family in Sevilla. We find the host families in this city to possibly be the most warm and friendly families found anywhere in Spain. The feedback from past students has been excellent. Host families typically consist of a host mother who may or may not be married. Typically the host mother is a bit older. Teen Spanish Program participants share a room with another student in the program.

Students receive 3 meals per day.

Staying with a host family offers students the chance to learn more about Spain AND also have another place to practice Spanish.

Program Prices

What is included? 

  • 4 Spanish classes per day (M-F)
  • Host family accommodations (double room)
  • 3 meals each day
  • Activities (cultural, sports, etc.) Each program is slightly different
  • Minimum program length is 1 week (2 weeks for Soccer Program)


Teen Spanish Program

  • 1 week: $695
  • 2 weeks: $1,1345
  • 3 weeks: $1,810
  • 4 weeks: $2,360

Teen Spanish & Soccer Program

  • 2 weeks: $1,670
  • 3 weeks: $2,345
  • 4 weeks: $3,030

Airport pickup and return (Seville) is $150. One way $75

Excursions & Activities

The Teen Spanish Program in Seville organizes daily activities in the afternoon AND  a weekly half day trip a weekend trip on Saturday.

Those participating in the Soccer portion of the program will not get the weekly half day trip.

These activities are in addition to the Spanish classes. The activities include guided tours to sites of interest, dance and cooking classes, sporting or outdoor activities, visits to museums, etc. All activities are organized and guided by staff from the Teen Spanish Program in Seville.

Sample Weekly Schedule:


Morning – Spanish Lessons
Afternoon – Seville orientation. Visit some sites of interest


Morning – Spanish Lessons
Afternoon – Welcome party. Intercambio with local Spaniards.

Soccer training (for those in this program)


Morning – Spanish Lessons
Afternoon –  Boat cruise along the river. Sporting activities.

Soccer training (for those in this program)


Morning – Spanish Lessons
Afternoon – Swimming and/or visit Flamenco Museum. Visit soccer stadium.

Soccer training (for those in this program)


Morning – Spanish Lessons
Afternoon – Visit Cathedral and Giralda


10:00 a.m. Excursion (sample listing below)


Free Day with Host family and other students in Seville

Sample Excursions:

Huelva and Beach, Cordoba, Jerez, Vejer, Isla Magica, visit soccer stadium

Teen Spanish Program Start Dates

Program dates for the Teen Spanish Program in Seville, Spain are as follows:

July 1, 18, 15, 22
Last day of the program is July 26

Program dates for the Teen Spanish & Soccer are as follows:

July 1, 18, 15, 22
Last day of the program is July 26

Accommodations start on Sundays and end on Saturday.

Students may arrive at the airport in Sevilla and receive a transfer (pickup and return) for $150

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