Training For Spanish Teachers

As Spanish becomes increasing important, the need for qualified Spanish language teachers grows. Spanish Abroad, Inc. along with many of our partner Spanish language schools have set up specialized Spanish Teacher Training Programs.

In general most of the programs have the following format:

Designed for non-native-speakers either having teaching experience or being interested in learning how to teach Spanish as a foreign language. The courses offer:

  • The chance to learn new language teaching methods including practical ideas for in the classroom.
  • A theoretical review of the Spanish grammar causing the greatest learning difficulties.
  • The putting together and use of practical material for different levels.
  • Participation in recreational and cultural activities.
  • Observation of classes given by Spanish teachers.
  • Information and analysis of new bibliographic material.
  • Personal enrichment thanks to the exchange of ideas and experiences with other professionals.

In general you have two choices when looking for a place to take Spanish Teacher Training.

1) We can set up a customized program for you. We have many schools that can set up a program to cover any type of topic you may be interested in. Contact our office for details.

2) The most common option is to participate in a program already set up by one of our partner Spanish language schools. These programs have specific start dates and length.

Please contact us for more information about these programs.